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Not sure what next ??

Hi ,

Just got results back after a visit to endo.

She seemed to think the only thing that might explain my endless horrible symptoms if a slightly low calcium level and has given me 0.25 MCG vit D and asked to see me in three months.

Of course I'm ever hopeful but not convinced that there's not more to it.

My ferretin still looks low , MCH low which I think is something to do with anemia ? And I always seem to get a high Gamma GT liver result which no one ever seems bothered about.

Free T4 22.0. ( 10-19.8)

Free T3. 5.1. (3.5-6.5)

TSH 0.04. (0.35-5.5)

Parathyroid hormone 28 (14-72)

Parathyroid (pm01/1 ). 2.97. (1.48-7.63)

RBC. 3.86. (3.80-5.30)

WBC. 5.1. (4-11.0)

MCH. 33.1. (27.0-32.0)

Calcium. 2.11. (2.2-2.65)

Corrected calcium. 2.09. (2.2 -2.6)

Gamma GT 48. (0-38)

Vit D. 3. 77.0

Vit D 2. Less than 5.0

Bit B12. 708.0. (211-911)

Ferretin 61.2. (10-291)

Maybe anyone has any comment on any of this please?

My goal is to try to add T3 to my 100 levo but I tried twice before with disastrous hyper symptoms so have been working on supplementing to try to get levels optimum before I try again!



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Amanda, looking at your thyroid results you appear to be converting T4 to T3 well. Low T3 is often the reason for hypothyroid symptoms but yours is good. If you decide to add T3 be sure to reduce your Levothyroxine by 25mcg for every 10mcg T3 you add or you may feel overmedicated.

Ferritin is a little shy of the optimal 70-90 so eating more iron rich food or supplementing a little iron with 500mg-1,000mg vitC should improve it.

Your MCH is slightly over range which can indicate B12 &/or folate deficiency. Your B12 is good but there's no result for folate.


Thanks Clutter,

Found folate on list : 6.6. (2.70-34.00)

I guess that's a bit low ?

I'm currently taking methyl folate 400 mcg , b 12 spray & 2 x 500g vit C daily .

A x

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Amanda, folate is a bit low, around 20 is good. Methylfolate will help. I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you , me too !


Are you getting enough protein in your diet? Sometimes low protein diets trump all the iron and vitamins a person takes. Protein is needed to make blood. A person requires at least 60 grams of quality protein per day.

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Hi Amanda. With regard to your GGT result; I have had a elevated reading for years - last one was 71 which is probably about the lowest I can recall. Apparently it isn't a cause for concern when it's in isolation and the other liver readings are okay. Although I was told it wasn't an issue unless it was I think either 3 or 5 times over the upper limit. it did worry me. I even had an ultra sound liver scan as I feel sure my GP thought I was a secret alcoholic when it was very high but that was clear. I did lots of research on this a few years ago and the only conclusion I could arrive at was at the time I was taking Ibuprofen for frequent headaches and I was told that this can definitely affect your GGT results. I still find it odd though as years ago, my sister who was at that time a heavy drinker, living in Spain, sent me a copy of her blood test results through to compare and her GGT was about 34. I drink very little alcohol. I came to the conclusion that some people must have very sensitive livers and like everything else, even if we are outside of the 'normal' range it could well be normal for us. I did mention to the GP that I had jaundice as a very young child but she said it wasn't relevant.


That's interesting , thanks , I did think too they may have thought I'm a heavy drinker but obviously not concerned enough to even mention when it always seems to be out of range !

I wonder if its something to go with the thyroxine and the extra work the liver has to go to convert it ?

We ll probably never know !


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