hypocalcemia? or hypoparathyroid? πŸ˜―πŸ€”

finally got my results - and not sure how to interpret them.......

serum calcium 2.13 (2.2-2.6)

parathyroid level 22 (15-65)

albumin 51 (35-50)

vit d 69 (>50 sufficient)

not sure if gp going to action it any further..... receptionist just said because parathyroid in normal range gp won't do anything about calcium. calcium was only slightly under but it's such a tight reference surely what I'm feeling is due to this dip? anyone any experience with hypocalcemia?

or any advice on how to interpret results?

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Well your vitamin D is still low, it's better around 100. Calcium might improve with higher level of D. Take magnesium and K2-MK7 along with vitamin D3 and K2-MK7. Albumin is slightly over range. Lab tests online website gives some information.


thank you for your response and helpful insight ☺

Did you get B12,folate and ferritin done?

yes they are all ok

Can I ask how you found out they were all ok and did you get a copy of the results?

Looking back at last post you said ferritin was low. That in itself could make you ill.

All vitamins need to be mid-lab-range and vitamin B12 needs to be high in range for us to feel well. Levothyroxine will not work well until all are optimal.

i got them from my drs reception -

b12- 500 (191-663)

folate- 10.8 (39-26.8)

ferritin- 29 (13-150)

Ferritin is much too low. It needs to be at least 70 or mid-range for levo to work well. Are you taking supplements? If so, you need an increase until you reach a better level. Have you had a full iron panel done? If not, ask your doctor to do one.

Folate could do with a boost and a good B complex could sort that out. B12 is marginal. Top range of 663 is quite a low lab range. Find out what the Pernicious Anaemia forum recommend as good B12 levels. I think it's over 500.

Your pth is normal within range so it's not hypoparathyroidism, you could boost your calcium with high calcium foods and if vitd is low then supplement.

Hi emtd

Calcium is one of the most highly regulated substances in our bodies so it's not good to be persistently out of range so maybe retest in a few months to see if still the case maybe. It was only a little under and might only be temporary so i wouldn't worry unless it comes back low again on retest. If so, phosphate, magnesium and liver/kidney function tests might be useful if continues to get lower maybe.

Your vit D is not optimal but not the worst I've seen so prob not caused by that but could maybe higher it a little to be optimal to go into winter with as will only get lower. Magnesium deficiency can decrease calcium as reduces the activity of PTH so worth having a quick check if diet contains enough. Possibly even potassium. I'm assuming you get enough calcium in your diet and don't have any clear digestive/absorption issues (unless you've had to supplement the B12 and folate to be at that level)?

Some medications can decrease calcium - are you on any?

Albumin is also only just over and could simply be dehydration and temporary.

In regards to ferritin, it's worth getting a blood count and maybe iron panel to see if low in iron.

What symptoms are you having at the mo?


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