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Low TSH & Low FT4

I had a baby a year ago (11/13) and recovered really well at first after a natural birth and no apparent complications. I started eating healthily and walking an hour a day after my 6 week check in January. I lost weight and was getting fitter again. I started taking the oestrogen based Yasmin pill in February.

By March my energy started to leave me and my daily walks became harder and harder. In April I began to feel tired and easily stressed out, emotional and depressed. My baby was a good sleeper and I was eating quite healthily and taking daily exercise as well as being 'on the go' with a baby. I started to gain weight despite all of this.

I thought that this was being a Mummy but then in conversation with friends with babies a similar age I noticed they were feeling well, losing weight and generally in a better place than me so I went to the doctors.

They ran blood tests and rang me to tell me I had low iron, so I did the usual iron boosting things and assumed that was what was making me tired.

A month later when I took my son to the doctors I asked for a print out of my results as I wanted to know what my chlosterol was as my husband's is high. (Perfect btw) I was still feeling tired and as I looked through the results I noticed that my TSH was very low at 0.60 so I thought that meant I was borderline hypothyroid. I then consulted Dr Google and discovered it meant you were to be more Hyper than Hypo.

I was still feeling pretty grotty so I went back to the doctors to draw this to their attention. The doctor was dismissive and made me feel like a hypochondriac and told me that they don't test the thyroid more than once every 3 months.

As I was gradually feeling worse over the next few weeks I returned for another blood test on 1st September. It took a month for me to get my results and my thyroid function was down at 10.3 and I was deficient in Vit D and low normal B12.

I went back to the doctors and was given a Vit D supplement and another blood test results as follows:

Sept 1st

C Reactive Protein: 18 (0-10)

TSH: 0.53 (0.50-5.00)

FT4: 10.2 (10 - 25)

Follicle Stimulating Hormone: 1.7

Lutenising Hormone 1.0

Prolactin: 207 (64 - 395)

Intrinsic factor Antibody: 2.5 (0-6)

The Dr mithered for nearly 2 weeks saying she wanted to get a T3 reading and couldn't get the lab to do it and she couldn't get the lab to do it. She scared me by saying that the most likely cause was a pituitary tumour.

Another set of bloods was run on 17/10 with results as follows:

TSH: 0.38 (0.50 - 5.00)

FT4: 11.3 (10 - 25)

Follicle Stimulating Hormone: 5.9

Lutenising Hormone: 3.3

Prolactin: 267 (64 - 395)

Cortisol: 297 (125-630)

NB I haven't included the ranges for the follicle and lutenising as they are complex and variant on different stages in a cycle and I was on the pill for the first test and not for the second test.

I found those second results quite reassuring as I am not going to slip into a coma whilst looking after my baby which was a concern! They were taken at 9am.

As much as I am reassured I am also confused about the contradictory TSH and if I should be concerned. I am feeling increasingly tired and would like to feel better. I have a referral to an endocrinologist that I am waiting on, but this could take months and i would like to put my mind at rest. My doctor is useless so thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hi You usually need a private test for FT3, try Blue Horizon, finger prick, quote TUK10 for a discount.If on thyroid treatment your T4 is too low.If not you may benefit from a trial dose of Levo, ask GP.

There is a much better test for cortisol, ask the Endo, 24 hour urine collection, cortisone tablet at midnight and bloods 9am.

What are your B12 and vit D, both hormonal, iron and ferritin, 2 tests?

Best wishes,



I know his is extremely old, but our stories are identical and the labs also. If by any chance you see this, have you found anything out?


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