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Blood test results confusing

Can anyone help me clarify my blood test results? I have been given one and a half A4 pages of results which I have no idea whether they are good or bad. The doctor says all is fine but after reading this blog for a while I wonder. I have no thyroid -autoimmune hypothyroidism- and pernicious anaemia and a million allergies. I'm on 125 mcgs of levo thyroxin and have been for a few years. I won't put everything here but they have tested for serum lipids, FT3, Thyroid function, Ferritin, CRP, Bone, Liver, Renal and Full blood count. The Serum free T3 levels are said to be normal at 4.8, TFT normal with TSH 0.05 and T4 16.7.

Anybody know what this means?

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Win, can you check the ranges that follow your result? Usually they put them in brackets. Looking at the results as you posted them are pretty good. Your FT3 and FT4 should both be in the upper part of the range. Ferritin and Iron are both important to you since you take T4 that must be converted to FT3. This list might help:


Thank you Heloise


Hi winschild - I was wondering how you were actually feeling? Do you still have symptoms so the blood tests were needed?


Hi Jezebel

I find I cant take stress, I can't concentrate for long, my food passes through too quickly and I'm very sensitive in all ways to all sorts of chemicals natural and otherwise. I seem to have angina now or very extreme reflux. My ECG seems to indicate Angina but I'm going for more tests. My energy is better for giving up gluten and I am seeing improvement for this restrictive 6 week diet I'm on, to get the inner inflammation down (I'm working with a nutritionist)all inflammation causing foods are out: grains, apart from white rice, beans , peas, dairy, nightshade family. All helpful foods are in: all other veg, healthy oils, seeds, nuts, herbs, and spices, especially ginger, turmeric and garlic. I've also upped my root veg , white rice, tapioca and sago intake to make sure I get enough energy. I'm taking supplements of EPA, glutamine and something else called pharmepa step 1 restore that I cant remember what it is.


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