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Thyroid blood test results

Following advise from members from my previous post I have managed to obtain print outs of my thyroid blood test results which I was wondering if anyone could advise me if there is anything that I could be concerned about. I am feeling ok now however I am unable to lose weight and I am sure that this could be that my T4 is not converting to T3. My doctor has refused to test my T3 and I have now purchased T3 and am self medicating with 25mcg per day (spliting my dose into 12.5mcg in the morning and 12.5mcg at bedtime) and this is on top of my usual prescriped dose of 125mcg levothyroxine which I take at bedtime.

My blood test results are listed below, I have given the dates and the comments exactly as they were printed. Most recent results are listed first.

9th Oct 14 - Serum cortisol 279 nmol/L

Assuming no steroid medication – Likely to be normal, however interpret with clinical picture and refer for short Synacthen test if indicated.

9th Oct 14 – Serum TSH Level 1.4 mu/L (0.27 – 4.20mu/L)

28th Feb 14 – Thyroid Peroxidase – (AT) Normal, no action

Negative= <60 IU/ml, Equivocal= 60-100 IU/ml, Positive= >100 IU/ml

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level 83 iu/mL (60-100 iu/mL)

Sample analysed at

William Harvey Hospital, Ashford

28th Feb 14 - !Serum free T4 level – (JC) Patient aware <3 pmol/L (12.0 – 22.0 pmol/L)

Results suggest primary hypothyroidism

Free thyroxine result only relevant if not on thyroxine

26th Feb 14 - ! Serum free T4 level <3 pmol/L (12-22)

Results suggest primary hypothyroidism

Free thyroxine result only relevant if not on thyroxine

Serum inorganic phosphate 1.1 mmol/L (0.8-1.5)

! Serum TSH Level 88.2 mu/L (0.27 – 4.20mu/L)

TSH Level 88.2 mu/L (0.27-4.2)

My main concern is that the Serum T4 seems to have been <3 from when I was first diagnosed with Hashimotos disease back in Feb 14 and my TSH was 88.2 and it is still <3 now when the TSH level is normal at 1.4. Does this sound correct?

Also does anyone know if the cortisol result seems ok.

My doctor definitely won't test my T3 and won't even give me a referral to get it tested privately as she is worried that they will give me T3. I have taken matters into my own hands but would be interested to know other peoples thoughts about my blood test results.

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your GP needs shooting

to ignore a TSH that high and a free T4 that low and refusing to test T3 is well beyond ignorance its malpractice

What are your




Vit D3

results because these are VITAL

You may also have Pernicous aneamia and or be gluten intolerant

any of the above can affect absorption of thyroxine



Thanks for your reply.

My TSH is 1.4 now it was 88.2 when I was first diagnosed but the T4 is which I thought seemed far too low as it should be above 12 shouldn't it.

I had Serum Ferritin tested on 21st Aug and it was 48 ug/L (15.00-150.00ug/L) this is the only time that I've had this tested and I haven't had any of the others tested.

My GP won't refer me either privately or to Dr Barnes at Maidstone, she said that I am just depressed and it wouldn't help me. I'm really not depressed at all I'd just like to get my weight back to how it was before I had my baby but that really is the only thing that I'm depressed about.

Do you think that I should get a different GP who will refer me to an Endo?


Firstly your ferritin MUST BE OVER 70 before you can even utilise levothyroxine which is why your TSH has dropped but your T4 has not risen

search on the forum for the research i posted ............title of the thread is "more on Ferritin and Folate "

print off the research and bung it under your ignorant GPs nose and demand either T3 or a referral to Dr Barnes

without Ferritin at 70 you cannot convert levo /T4 into the T3 your cells are screaming for and it simply pools in your body making you toxic

ARE YOU TAKING IRON plus at least 500mg Vit C every day ?


You need a different GP pronto


Thank you, I know the receptionist at my doctors and she told me to see another GP when mine is on holiday which I think I'll do.

I don't know much about Ferritin or Folate so I'll have a look at your post.

I'm not taking any vit c or iron but will start.

Thanks again



I have a friend who lived in Ashford who had a good GP and she is also under care of Dr Barnes

I will try and find out who her GP was

You can but iron tablets OTC and you need to take them together with 500g vit C at least 4 hours away from levothyroxine

In fact in your shoes i would stop taking levo altogether and concentrate on pushing ferritin up will take at least 2 or 3 months Superdrug do good chewable Vit C

also be sure to take a really good multi vitamin before bed


I disagee.

Having a ferritin level less than 70 does not suddenly and immediately mean absolutely no conversion takes place.

I think it is very unlikely that stopping levothyroxine altogether would be in the best interests of the poster.


I was a complete mess when I wasn't taking the thyroxine so would be very scared to stop but I will try and see another GP if I can. I'm based in Sevenoaks in Kent so your friends GP will probably be a long way from me but thank you for trying to help me.


in which case Bonnie continue taking the levo and push up your ferritin and vitamin levels and then with luck and maqybe a higher dosage of levo you will be a lot better


Bonnie, your GP should refer you to an endo to see why your FT4 is so low on what is a reasonable dose of Levothyroxine 125mcg. Even the lab notes "result only relevant if not on thyroxine".

Do seek a second opinion from another GP at the practice as your friend suggested and ask for FT3, ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be tested. Good levels of ferritin are needed for absorption of thyroxine and good levels of vitD for conversion of T4 to T3, but the latter won't be good with such low levels of T4.


I'll try and see a different GP and get the blood tests done that you suggest. I have been taking 25mcg Tiromel, do you know if this will help or not?


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