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Blood test results

Hi I've just been discharged from endocrinology as everything's normal apparently. My swallowing and breathing woes will now be investigated by ENT. I have opted for observation of my nodule instead of the recommended TT. My GP will continue to monitor my thyroid and I will have bi-annual thyroid panel tests.

I wanted to find out what the forum made of my blood test results.

Free T4 Serum 17.4 (10.5-24.5)

TSH Serum 3.49 (0.3-4)

Total T3 Serum 1.8 (1-2.7)

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody 19kunits/L (L49)

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Kateeliza, I'm underwhelmed that your endo thinks TSH 3.49 practically at the top of the range is normal. Your FT4 is just over half way through range which isn't bad, although it isn't good either. It's a shame they tested total instead of free T3. A FT3 measurement would indicate whether your T4 to T3 conversion was good. Good news is that you are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).

If the nodule is large enough for total thyroidectomy to be recommended I think it is likely to be compressing your windpipe which makes swallowing and breathing difficult.


I'll insist the free T3 is tested next time and I'll post the results. I have a lot of hypo symptoms and a bloody huge nodule yet they refuse to treat me. My vit d was very low and since I've been supplementing I do feel a lot better.


Kateeliza, Small and large 'cold' nodules are unlikely to cause low thyroid hormone so they go on the blood results. Ridiculous to think 3.94 means your symptoms are not related to thyroid but the moment TSH is >4.0 you'll get it.


Is there anything I can do to get my GP to take notice? I've been putting on weight plus numerous other hypo symptoms yet they jut shrug their shoulders and tell me my symptoms are irrelevant. It's so frustrating!


Was your blood test for your thyroid hormones taken first thing? The reason for doing it at the earliest is that our TSH is highest then and it can sometimes make the difference between being diagnosed or not, and I agree completely with Clutter re the ignoring your TSH result and not taking your clinical symptoms into consideration. No wonder we get frustrated with the Endocrinology as I doubt they know little about how we need T3 to be fit and well. We are underwhelmed by the Endocrinology and stories which are posted regarding the diagnosis/non diagnosis.


If you can get a private Free T3 blood test it might prove your T3 is too low.


Hi Shaws. My blood test was done first thing and I also fasted as I'm not a big breakfast person. I've now been discharged from Endocrinology. Can I ask my GP do a Free T3 test? Or am I better off getting a private test?


You can email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's online Pulse article. Read question 6 and discuss with your GP Dr Toft's recommendation. Tell your GP you have taken advice and that your TSH is too high for you to feel better and also Dr Toft says so too and he was the President of the British Thyroid Association, despite what the Endo said. Advise your GP that you should have no clinical symptoms if you were on the right dose of medication or an alternative.

The first article in this link you can print for your GP.

I'm glad you had your test in the morning.


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