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Help with NDT dosing please


Hi everyone

I have always had a suppressed TSH on levo even when dose reduced to 50mcg. My T4 was never above mid range (and 7.4 underange on 50mcg) My t3 was measured twice both times under range. Endo still insists I must be hyper!!

Thanks to this forum I started ndt and feel heaps better! I worked up to 3 grains and felt hyper symptoms so dropped back to 2 grains. Some hypo symptoms retuned and my test showed t4 under range (no t3 tested). I added 50 Levo and dropped to 1 1/2 grains. After 4 weeks I have done a medichecks test :

TSH 0.01

T4 17.3 (12 - 22)

T3 5.43 (3.10 - 6.8)

These are the first normal results I've ever had. I feel so much better but am feeling the cold. My feet get icy so I use the hairdryer to warm my socks and slippers but they're cold again within half an hour! I have two jumpers on and my children are in T shirts saying the house is warm. My question is have I got room for a slight increase in medication if so the Levo or NDT?

Thanks very much for all your ongoing support.

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I can't advise on dosing but I'm thinking of adding a little levo to my ndt as my T4 has always been on the floor even when t3 has been ok and I'm starting to believe this is why I'm constantly symptomatic ..the ratio in ndt compared to a human thyroid doesn't always suit everyone and I think I'm one of them !...I'm currently trying to get my over range T3 down so I know when it is my t4 will drop under range again and when it does I'm going to add levo and drop some ndt ..glad your feeling better ... I hope your last lingering symptom of feeling cold gets gone with the rest of it!

Hele1 in reply to Lozzer66

It sounds like adding levo will help you too. In the link lucylocks gave it says both t3 and t4 should be above midway on ndt. I hope all your symptoms disappear too 😊 Good luck x


so glad you feel better with the addition of levo. to your NDT. I agree with Lozzer66 that the ratio of T4 and T3 in NDT does not suit everyone, myself included.

I added in levo. and reduced my NDT. two weeks ago as my T4 is always below range on NDT. only.

When I was taking 2 grains NDT. my T3 was the same as yours is now but I still had lots of symptoms so I thought my under range T4 maybe causing the symptoms, that's when I decided to add the levo.

I do think you have room for a dose increase but sorry do not know which to advise, the levo. or NDT.

What were your levels like on 2 grains NDT?

A lady called Barbara runs another forum and she believes a combination of NDT plus levo. suits some people better. Take a look you may find some useful information.

Hele1 in reply to lucylocks

That link is very informative thanks I think I'll send it onto my endo but probably be a waste of time as they are so st in their ways unfortunately 😕

Thanks lozza and lucylocks it's a fine balance to get things optimal. On 2 grains T4 was under range adding some Levo back made me feel better. I just don't want to increase the wrong one by the wrong amount and have to start all over again.

If I add another half grain t3 might go over so may increase Levo? Still not sure.

Funnily enough I also received a letter from the endo today stating "we strongly recommend not using other thyroid medications such as ndt and t3 as this will further exacerbate and complicate things" !! Why do they not listen to patients? We can't be the only ones feeling better with ndt and t3??

lucylocks in reply to Hele1

Yes it is difficult to know which one to increase. It is all trial and error and it makes it all the more difficult that we do not get the proper help we need from our Doctors and as your letter proves nor endos.

How long were you on the added levo. before you felt some improvement.

Hele1 in reply to lucylocks

I'd say it took about 3 weeks to feel the benefit of the added Levo I was very tempted to add more but know it takes a long time for Levo to make a difference. Where as t3 is almost instant, like my highly informed endo said "it's like cocaine" ?? I couldn't believe he said that!? One of the many times he's left me speechless 😳

lucylocks in reply to Hele1

The things these endos say.

Hope you get some more replies and get the advice you need.

Best wishes.

Hele1 in reply to lucylocks

Thank you 😊 I hope your added Levo kicks in soon. Good luck x

Lozzer66 in reply to Hele1

Hele I read somewhere on tired thyroid it's t4 for the cold....maybe increase that a tadge ..perhaps 25mg every other day and then retest??.going over on t3 is so not pleasant ..I'm still suffering badly myself ..let me know how you go on 👍

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