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Advice please

Finally managed to get a copy of the letter from the Endo to my GP with my antibodies results.

Thyroid panel

Anti Thyroglobulin Abs * 371 U/ml 1-150

Anti TPO Antibodies * 312 U/ml 1-150

The letter also states ....

Patient is convinced that she needs to be on a high dose of Thyroxine to keep her symptom free and she repeatedly asked me about checking FT3 level and was wondering why we cannot prescribe dessicated thyroid or FT3 treatment and she seems to have convinced herself that Dessicated thyroid or FT3 treatment might help solve her problems. I have advised her that there is no clear scientific evidence that dessicated thyroid treatment or T3 treatment is of any more benefit than thyroxin treatment and is likely to cause harm. I have also advised her that we do not test FT3 level in patients who are on Thyroxine treatment as it is not indicated.

Among other inaccuracies.

I'm not sure if the antibodies are really high enough to warrant the gluten free diet? I'm currently taking D3 0.5mcg, B12 methylcobalamin 5000mcg, levo is 150 and was on iron but have run out.

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Mistydog, he is an endonob for not understanding that Levothyroxine therapy doesn't ensure good T4 to T3 conversion. As for his comments about T3 and NDT, he's very misinformed, typical of doctors who are trained that Levothyroxine is the only therapy required.

I'm afraid you'll have to order a private test from Blue Horizon or Genova if you want to know your FT3 status.

ps taking 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C with each iron tablet aids absorpion.


I know. I realised within a few minutes that I would get nowhere with him. This is the same guy who said when asked about the B12 that he wasn't here to discuss that, he was here to discuss the thyroid. I ask you.

I will get a private test but I'm not working at the moment so will have to wait.


I knew about the Vit C, just haven't had the chance to get any yet. Now run out of iron tabs too but will get both


Free T3 is the biologically active part of thyroid treatment. Why would that not be the most important test to evaluate the treatment???? Maybe you should print this out for her.

These short videos explain all three antibodies.


I love David Clarke. Seen loads of the videos. I'm not going back to the Endo, so no point. It's a losing battle ...


Any ideas about the antibody results?


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