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Blood result query pls?

Hi I got my blood results yesterday

Thyroid Function test said Normal - Ok

Serum TSH Level 3.1 mIU/L Range 0.30 - 5.50mIU/L

Serum free T4 Level 13.4 pmoI/L Range 9.00 - 24.00 pmoI/L

Folate Normal 24.0 ug/L Range 3.00 - 13 ug/L

Ferritin Normal 32 ug/L Range 20.00 - 200.00 ug/L

Vitamin D Normal 28.7 ug/L Range 10.00 - 42.00 ug/L

There were loads of other results but I was more interested in the above which GP says are all normal and I assume he is correct but I still have terrible tiredness and aching bones etc. I would be grateful of anyone's opinion please on the results as they mean very little to me.

Many thanks

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Norwood, if you are on thyroid medication TSH should be just above/below 1.0 although some people need it in the low normal range of 0.2-0.5 or suppressed to feel well. FT4 should be in the top 75% of range ie yours should be >18.75. You look to me to be under medicated. Scroll down to Treatment Options and read Dr. A. Toft's statement published in Pulse. email for a copy of the article.

Fatigue and aching bones can be due to thyroid undermedication, low ferritin and low vitD.

Ferritin is low, optimal is 70-90. Supplement ferrous fumarate and take each dose with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.

VitD is ideally high in range. I've never seen such a low range. Inadequate is usually <50 and Optimal 75-200. Supplement with 5,000iu daily vitD3 softgel caps for a month or so to build levels and then maintain at 1-2,000iu daily.

Have you made a typo in the folate result or range? If not, I wouldn't call 11 points above range normal and would discuss with your GP. Was B12 tested with folate?

If you buy supplements from Amazon please use the TUK affiliate link :)


Many thanks for your reply. I am on 100mcg of levothyroxine daily. I thought my results were all in the low range but wanted someone else's opinion. No typo in the folate range and B12 was 728 Range 180.00 - 1100.00 ng/L but I am on B12 injections every 3 months so I thought that one was okay. You are correct the VitD Range should be 20 - 50 ug/L and I am just over the middle range but GP said supplements on this are not given at this time of the year?? Waste of time sometimes seeing your GP as you get no where and feel you are just wasting their time. I also have ulcerative colitis so seeing consultant on Monday and will take these results with me and maybe he might explain them better to me and I will of course use TUK affiliate link for any supplements in the future.

Thank you so much again for your detailed reply which was really helpful.



Ann, stupid comment from your GP. If vitD is deficient or inadequate at this time of year of course supplements should be prescribed. People often can't benefit from sun exposure for a variety of reasons and will be deficient. I've just bought 360 x 5,000iu vitD3 for just over £10 inc p&p so it isn't too expensive to self supplement.

It may be that your B12 injections have raised your folate but it is worth checking.


omg that is fantastic, r u able to tell me where u got them from or is it from where you said before via Amazon as I will definitely get them.


Ann, Doctors Best Vitamin D3 5000iu via Amazon. You can take one every other day when you've topped up a bit :)


tysm Clutter, i am ordering now :) xx


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