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can you have a full vitamin blood panel test on NHS?

Hi everyone,

Quick query, I was wondering if its possible to have a full vitamins level blood test done on the NHS? Does this exist? I've so far had my iron, b12 and folates tested in june. my iron was 35.7 and b12 227 and folates 10. As my iron and b12 are low (not sure if folates are? They were above NHS guidelines tho). I'm self supplimenting iron and b12 at the moment as GP wont treat b12. She's given me ferrous fumerate for my ferritin but im reluctant to take it as side effects are rubbish :(

so im taking floradix and vitamin d and vitamin b12 sublingual sprays.

my question is, if my iron and b12 are low, then there's a possibility other vitamins may be too. I've asked my GP for vitamin testing, to which she replied no.

I would like to test ideally for all my vitamin levels, but im not sure if the NHS will test for this? Has anyone had this kind of test before? Would it be a case i'd need to test separately for different vitamins or is there a full test for them all available?

I don't think im going to have much luck getting a vitamin test through gp on NHS. So I think my only option is to go privately. I may ask my gp if she will test for me if I pay.

the reason I want this test is because I've read from this forum and other sources that decifencies can prevent medication from working efficently.

I've been newly diagnosed a month ago, and been dosed up to 100mcg levothyroxine (which im up to from today)

Anyway any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I have had the same tests as you on the NHS plus vitamin D. Vitamin D was the only low one in my case but significant because I had symptoms of deficiency ie general aches and pains.


Thanks for replying, im glad they picked up on your vitamin D deficency. Can I ask, did they request your vitamin and iron tests seperarely or as part of a full blood test? My iron, b12 and folates were only tested as part of a full blood test.


And my GP refuses to test me for vitamin d levels... Argh!



I requested vit d, to be tested after seeking help from charity. My vit d slightly low, symptoms were tiredness, getting annoyed really easily and craving salty and sugary food.

Its hard trying to figure out which deficiency is causing which symptoms, that's why I sought help from I also have pernicious anaemia.

Take a look at their site, as you may need b12 even though your GP says you don't. They don't treat vit d deficiency, only pernicious anaemia, which means your b12 levels are lower than NICE guidelines say they should be.

Best wishes



i have had lots of tests done at the VA and I am going to pursue a complete vitamin screening. MD's just are not trained in this .


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