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Hi, I posted on here about a week ago saying that I have many underactive thyroid symptoms, but test results came back "normal" (probably over 6 months ago!). Been off work for the past 2 days due to a horrendous stomach ache/temperature and generally feeling awful (slept for pretty much all the day). Managed to get an appointment with my GP tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips on what to ask for/how to explain what's happening? Last time I went they thought I may have some form of colitis/anemia based on my stomach symptoms and low vitamin D/B12 results, but nothing was followed up. I even called my local Spire hospital to look into getting private tests done, but they said I still need a referall letter from my GP.

I will get my previous test results and post them tomorrow. Hopefully this will be more promising than the last time I went!

Any advice appreciated! :)

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  • Have you tried Blue Horizon . They will check your blood without a letter of referral from your dr.

  • You dont need to get tests done through a Spire hospital, you can deal direct with the lab yourself, many labs offer a fingerprick test so you can take a sample and send it to them .The labs are accredited and are listed on the website which runs alongside this forum.

    What have you done about the low B12 and low vitamin D?

    Ask your doctor for your test results.... Have a look at what he has tested and get numbers, normal is an opinion, you need the figures so you can see where you are in the scale. There is a world of difference between being at the bottom end of the range and the top.

    It rather sounds like the doc listened to you, gave a few guesses and sent you away, last time, he neatly deferred your problem but didnt solve it. I would give him your symtoms, ask what he thinks is wrong and then if he tries to fob you off, ask what he is going to do to make you feel better. Be prepared to wait for him to offer a solution.

    If he doesnt, ask him directly what his diagnosis is. You can do without being aggressive....... If he has no diagnosis then he needs to refer you to someone who can help.

    It might be better if you take someone in with you.

    Good luck!

  • I take a Vitamin D and B12 pump spray to help with my levels as my GP ignored them as well to the point where I had pains in my hands and arms, loss of grip as well. After taking the sprays my symptoms disappeared about 3 weeks in. Also helped with my general fatigue.

  • Quite a few people have suggested I take some vitamin supplements, so I will definitely give it a go and see of it helps :)

  • Don't want to hijack Vwyrian's post, so I'll be brief.

    GP should not be ignoring your low B12 symptoms. The Pernicious Anemia Society have advised all healthcare professionals that serum B12 blood tests are not reliable indicators... only 60% of people with PA get picked up on these blood tests... which leaves a whopping 40% untreated! There is a B12 app that all GPs should have downloaded to their phones under the ECPD register. GPs will earn 1 point of professional Development if they complete the 10 questions on the New Guidelines. Call the PA society or go onto their forum for clarification.

    The fact that taking B12 dealt with your symptoms is proof enough!

  • Where would I get a B12 pump spray ?

  • I buy from eBay usually it's Better You B12 spray on a yellow bottle. I have bought from Holland & Barrett as well.

  • Thank you.

  • Could you have shigellosis? It's apparently doing the rounds this winter in the UK :

    I must admit I'd never heard of it until this winter.

  • Sounds horrible, but I've had these symptoms for years!

  • If i am absolutely honest (from my experience) drs just are not interested or know enough about thyroids to bother. I spent 7 years getting mine sorted as i had no idea there was another way i.e self treating. You can waste years of your life trying to get nhs to sit up and notice, in some cases 20 years.

    I also had chronic stomach pain, constant diarrhea like non stop IBS dr just gave me lopermide and mebeverine instead of being concerned why. Chronic fatigue, massive weight gain, pain in all my joints, i could hardly walk, i just hobbled, my list of symptoms were endless. Once i started on ndt they disappeared like magic, by then i had become very weak with no strength and everything exhausted me.

    My best advice is get your own tests (thyroid and vitamins) post them on here, read and research as we are all diff.

    Print out symptom list tick yours and take it into your dr, do a letter which must say letter is to go on your records saying ' you believe you have a thyroid problem and expect them to do relevant testing (list tests) if it is not thyroid you want to know what it is and why you feel so ill, say it is unacceptable to be left this ill with no answers. This means it is on your file and if they chose to do nothing you may have cause to complain thro the CCG and ombudsman later.

    If you try and get your dr organised be prepared for a lot of stress and upset as they will prevaricate, fob you off, come back in 6 months etc...refuse to be fobbed off. However it will prob be a waste of time. It is your health and peace of mind so dont waste years like i did get proactive...i was fuming that i had to pay to get tests done, buy my own meds, buy my own vits but the alternative is stay ill, my dr was happy to leave me ill.

    Best wishes binkie x

  • I had normal test results despite 40 years of hypo symptoms & a pituitary adenoma.

    I cut out the expensive tests in favour of doing the Barnes Basal Body Temperature test with a £4 thermometer, which proved my temperature was consistently low at 35.1 degree celcius. I then went gung ho with my own NDT for a year, before adding T3. It took about 6 months to be effective due to initially taking a very low dose & not taking it exclusively away from things that interfere with absorption, but has worked well since. I'm now a degree warmer, not constantly cold, a stone lighter, & can eat a normal amount of calories. :)

  • Leverette, one of the things i love about this group is how often i am reminded of the basics. Reading your post i thought hmmmm iv not done my temperature for months for my notes. I really need reminding to do the basics, my joint pain bad at moment and another member said increase your tumeric and ginger...needless to say i forgotten it completely since xmas. All it takes is a disruption in my routine and it all goes to the dogs lol xx

  • I've lost my thermometer, so taking my pulse twice as often as I'm changing TH ratios. I'm usd to being able to tell most of the time, but a cold has left me out of sorts. Today I'm back to "normal". It's a simple enough thing to do when other things can make me feel different.

    Have you tried golden milk? It looks lovely, but I'd need to replace ginger with galengal or cardammom.

    Good luck!


  • i love golden milk, this is what i had forgotten to do after xmas lol obvs i blame my thyroid for forgetting stuff. :)

  • My thyroid hid my thermometer! ;)

  • Just got back from the doctors. She's chasing up my appointment with gastro as I still haven't had one yet and I'm getting stomach pain. I explained all my symptoms and I'm having blood tests tomorrow morning. She seems to think I have a chronic fatigue syndrome (not entirely sure what that is). I mentioned thyriod and she looked at my previous blood test results and said I was fine!

    I got a printout of my previous blood test results and they are:

    TSH: 2.7

    Serum Ferritin: 22.6

    Vitamin B12: 158.2

    CRP: 21

    Liver function just out of normal range.

    Can anyone decipher these for me? Thanks.

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