Petition - please could you see if you would like to sign it for us?


I am posting this here in the Thyroid UK forum, however ANYONE can sign it, Louise suggested it might be a good idea to post it here, I hope you do not mind. Perhaps the folks here can help too?

There are only 584 signatures to date - and it will need a lot more to have a hope of being addressed.

essentially it is asking for Pernicious Anemia ( an autoimmune disease - often goes with other autoimmune diseases like Hashimotos or Graves) to be treated on the symptoms, and so that people with B12 deficiency can have the injection as and when they need it, not the outdated once every 3 months.

I would welcome anyone to sign this petition please, even if you do not have B12 deficiency yourself, because whatever ailment brings you to Health Unlocked, I am sure you can sympathise and understand that those with PA are not getting the medicine they need, at a cost of 50pence a shot, due to old legislation.

If you could have a shot at 50p that would remove nearly all of your symptoms - you would do it - wouldn't you? I know I would love one to sort out my hashimotos :-)

And you would hope that others, even if they do not have your illness, would join in and help support you to get the medication you desperately need ( like the petitions for T3 in the uk - please remember this medication has been tested and is given to patients already in the UK, it is the frequency that is the issue, and there is no possible way to overdose on B12 - unlike many other vitamins it is so soluable it leaves the system rather quickly)

I was shocked and surprised that only 584 signatures were present - so am asking, please if you can, if you wish to help, please do sign the petition and help a fellow sufferer / human being suffer a little less tomorrow.

Big Hugs,


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Hope this helps to get it moving along.. :) x

Any chance of re posting the link. It is not working for me. Thanks.

i dont see the link too

My Apologies - I copied it across from my previous post , and it did not work- here is the full link:

thank-you for pointing it out :-)

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To everyone - my apologies - here is the all important link tot he petition:

thank-you :-)


Mrs. S, I've signed, tweeted and edited the link in your post :)

I have signed.

Signed and shared. My aunt suffers from this so I know all too well how horrible it is.

Signed :-D


Thank-you so much to everyone ont he Thyroid UK forum for signing, re-posting and spreading the word.

you are a credit to HU, and lovely to boot !

Big Hugs,


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