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Welcome to all our new members! And please SIGN OUR e-petition NOW!

Welcome to all our new members! And please SIGN OUR e-petition NOW!

As I write, there are a whopping 3,288 members in this group. Welcome to all those who have joined up recently!

[edit to reflect current situation since this post was originally written - we now have 22,554 members]

This support group has come about as a result of a partnership between Thyroid UK (, and Health Unlocked (

Thyroid UK exists because there is a desperate need for change in the way thyroid disorders are diagnosed, treated and managed, here in the UK.

Thyroid UK is working hard to make this happen. One of the many things that Thyroid UK has done, is to set up an e-petition, which asks for government funding for research to prove that treatments other than levothyroxine really do work, are safe, and very, very necessary.

T4 only (levothyroxine), is the default standard treatment for hypothyroidism here in the UK. Unfortunately, levothyroxine does not work for everyone, and many patients are condemned to a ridiculously poor quality of life because they are denied even so much as a trial of the alternative prescription medications that could improve their health beyond belief.

PLEASE SIGN our e-petition NOW!

It will take but a few moments of your time, and could make so much difference.

Go here to sign the e-petition

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Go here for more info about it on the main Thyroid UK website

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You DO NOT need to be a thyroid patient in order to sign So ask all your friends, family and work colleagues to sign. We need everyone's help if things are to change!

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Thank you in advance to everyone who signs. Your help is appreciated!

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RA, a whopping 22,531 members on HU now and another petition going forward :)


Signature count now at 9,661. Only another 340 needed to get past the 10,000 goal post!

Come on folks, let's do it!


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