Give NHS Hypothyroid Patients a Chance Petition

Hello all, I don't know if you have seen this petition already but I found it on twitter and thought it could do with some more signatures :)

If you know any other petitions, I would be more than happy to sign, please post here, best wishes, Hashimojo x

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  • Thanks and have signed.

  • Can this link be made more public somehow - on here? I'd hope that everyone on here would be keen to sign it. Even if they are self medicating and not 'diagnosed'. It is these people who are the 'invisible' ones. They are probably not on anyone's lists as being diagnosed so they are not a 'statistic'. They need to be considered too. They need to be heard.

    I have signed and shared too.

  • Hi Shaws, just asking as you are down as Administrator, could this post of hashimojo's be reposted daily, might catch more people and encourage further signatures?

  • Because we have so many posts in one day now, it soon gets pushed off the front page.

    If you email who will ask Lyn Mynott of TUK. I don't think there would be a problem.

  • Thanks just think we need to keep momentum going for everyone's sake. It galls me to think that yet again the medical world are riding rough-shot over the minority, and getting away with it - using lies and dirty tricks to cloud the view of the general public. (hence the already established view that hypothyroid = fat and lazy!)

  • You are right. How many patients with hypothyroidism have unexplained weight gain. Even doctors are untrained in that as well. So when their TSH is somewhere in the range dose isn't increeased anymore and then they're told off by their doctors when they complain of symptoms that are very disabling and that it is because they are overweight and if they reduced it they'd feel better. The poor patient even diets but her metabolism is so low they don't work either. The do not have one clue about hypothyroidism except the TSH but don't even know it should be around 1 or lower.

  • Exactly, and if patients do try to diet, when the metabolism is sluggish, all they are doing are putting more strain on an already compromised system, causing it to fail even further - hence further symptoms and weight gain. Think my TSH has to be 0.01 or thereabouts for me to function - As I said to my GP - the one who was good enough to support me through seeing and working with Dr P, perhaps I'm wired differently to other. Maybe more of us are. Reading so much on here - I suspect that all the 'others' supposedly doing well on t4 with higher levels may well be us all too quickly as t4 fails and symptoms increase, persists and become more debilitating. Poor sods! Think it is only going to get harder for them. Suspect one of my son's included in this, hence frustration and ranting. They won't even consider his adrenals, or thyroid, despite the obvious symptoms. Taking him back to Dr P next week.

  • Signed tok

  • Done!

  • Thank you - I've signed!

  • Done and shared.

  • Signed and shared. This is so very important so let's hope that we can get through to someone.

  • Done! Thank you!

  • Signed and shared on Facebook - I have quite a few friends who are in the "inadequately treated" category so hopefully will glean a few more signatures there.

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