Please Sign this B12 Petition!

Please Sign this B12 Petition!

Thyroid UK is aware of many people with B12 deficiency who say that their B12 “runs out” earlier than the allotted three months before they can have their next injection.

Tracy Witty, from has set up a petition make injectable vitamin B12 (hydroxocobalamin) available over the counter.

If this topic affects you please sign the petition:

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In Scotland you get injections every month. (I think). because the subject was raised in parliament by way of a petition, pretty much like the thyroid petition, which is still be ing considered.

Thanks Lyn - posted this Petition earlier and have signed. Hope we can get the numbers up. Have forwarded to many - most of whom think I'm as mad as a box of frogs - but hopefully they will read and sign :-)

Just off for another B12 injection ! Bought OTC with the syringes then popped along to the village clinic and was dealt with immediately - just love this place.... :-) Am on day 11 and doing well....

Thank you for posting....

I am wanting to sign the petition and make an important comment in the box but it keeps telling me that I can only put in 15 characters. I have got the "words" down to 13 but it still won't let me post it. Is there a problem that needs sorting out or does "characters" mean letters? You can't write anything with fifteen letters!

Hi Phoebs, Unfortunately, I think they have a minimum number of characters (this means letters, numbers, stars, hashtag etc and sometimes spaces) so that people do not write their whole medical history. Just do the best you can! :-(

Hi Phoebs

It's really odd as there are very long comments on this petition! can you contact

I'll try.

I don't know what happened.....I got onto Change.Org and got a form to fill in to submit a question. After filling it in I pressed the button "send" and up came a message with a green tick and the words "B12 For Life Created" !!! Now what have I done?

Sorry, I have no idea. :(

We are not affiliated with or the people who created this petition - we were just letting people know about it.

I can only suggest contacting

Sorry.. :(