Please sign my petition to Improve the Testing and Treatment of Hypothyroidism

Dear friends,

I have now linked with 38 degrees to help spread my hypothyroid message to the health minister. Thank you to the lovely hypothyroid patients on this forum that suggested this approach.

I have just signed the petition "Improve the Testing and Treatment of Hypothyroidism" and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.

Please can you also take a moment to share the petition with others? It's really easy – all you need to do is forward the link above within your social networks.

The more support we can get behind this, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Thank you!

Vicky Vaughan

38 Replies

  • Well done Vicky. I've signed. Just wondering who set the "target" of 100 signatures? I would imagine from this forum alone you should get well into four figures.

  • I *think* it's a default, and new targets appear as they are reached.... apologies if this is wrong. That's what happens on anyway.

  • They do it in incremental steps. Its less daunting than seeing a target of 10,000 strsight off 😊

  • Only got 69 signaures so far. This is not going to happen overnight. I would be so grateful if we could all share the petition. Thank you x

  • Signed and now up to 78.

    Jo xx

  • Signed and shared on Facebook. If everybofy who is on facebook does this, with a message asking folks to sign, it could do well. will see if I can share on twitter too. Well done


  • Thank you! Need people to share. This is hard work. We will succeed. I really appreciate your support. Have a lovely evening x

  • Signed and shared on Facebook :)

  • Thank you x

  • Signed, sealed and delivered


  • Signed! Great idea

  • Thank you x

  • Just tweeted it.

  • Thank you so much. I've got 44 signatures out of 100000! Not that I'm panicking x

  • Thank you so much. Such a long way to go.

  • Signed and shared on Facebook.

  • Thank you x

  • Signed :-)

  • Thank you x

  • Signed and Tweeted, Vathyroid.

  • Thank you!

  • hi,

    i tried to sign but it doesnt recognize my zip code, i think its because i dont live in your country, do you have a legitimate zip code i can use just to sign your form?

  • That's really annoying. You could use mine and be my lodger! I'll PM you if you don't mind x

  • You're going to end up with an awful lot of lodgers! lol

  • Gutted. Read that we can only get UK signatures. However increasing YouTube hits is also powerful. Thank you for your support! 😄

  • Hmmm the problem with 38 degrees is that you have to have a British postcode to sign. That rules out a hell of a lot of people on here - both foreign nationals and Brits living abroad, like me. Such a shame.

  • I know ;-( Thank you for trying though. Much appreciated.

  • Signed

  • Signed and shared on FB.

    Still waiting for a diagnosis - pure chance that a neck ultrasound given during a cancer follow-up revealed thyroid problems. As usual TSH levels 'are in the normal range' (just). I've never even had a test for T3/T4, though I've had several red flag symptoms for years and years.

  • My TSH level is 5.4! My GP said nothing to worry about. Typical ...

  • Signed.

  • Signed.


  • Signed, husband signed. Tweeted and facebooked :)

  • You are the best. Thank you so much for sharing! We need so many signatures x

  • Signed x

  • Done

  • We are up to nearly 250 signs now. Still a long way to go but 150 turned up from nowhere today. How exciting!! Thank you everyone for signing and sharing! x

  • Have just signed I'm sure many more will too. Good luck .

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