NHS Complaint Handling

NHS Complaint Handling

Tim Trent has set up a Change.org petition in respect of NHS Complaint Handling. Thyroid UK has seen that complaints have not been handled efficiently or correctly in some cases. The system needs to be changed and perhaps they will listen if enough signatures are collected.

To sign the petition please go to: you.38degrees.org.uk/petiti...

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Tried to sign - must be UK only :-(

I wasn't aware that it was UK only but thinking about it, it is about the UK NHS. :-(

it has happened before with other petitions.... :-)

I've signed and shared on Facebook, thanks for telling us about it.

Signed Lyn.

I have signed.

Thanks Shaws -sgned! :) :)

I have signed. I never received proper answers to queries i raised with two different hospitals, for myself and my dad

done. shared on FB.

Thanks done it.


Signed and shared Lynn. Thanks for posting.

duly signed & shared ....alan

Signed and shared on FB and Twitter :)

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