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Stress test back and cortisol rubbish

Hi, three years ago I had a saliva stress test done and my DHEA was low, I was 6 months into having had M.E diagnosed then so I was really upset when I got new test done and found my cortisol are on the floor. I don't know if it's 3 years of under medication or the result of 3 months having had my medication slashed by 55% in June. Here are my latest results, any advice gratefully received as ever

Sample 1 - 10.3 ref range 12-22

Sample 2 - 3.6 reference range 5-9

sample 3 - 2.6 reference range 3-7

sample 4 - 0.7 reference range 1-3

Total Cortisol 17.2 range 24-41

DHEA Sample 2 - 0.13 DHEA

Sample 3 - 0.16

DHEA Cortisol ratio 0.84 ref range 1-4

DHEA mean .15 ref range 0.30-1

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You and I are the classic cases for whom ME was invented. Just ignore the fact that our cortisol is low and our adrenals don't function properly. Tell them to shut up and go away.

My readings were similar to yours - higher in the morning and lower during the day. I take a combination of hydrocortisone and nutri adrenal extra, plus Vit C (2 -3 mg), AdrenoMax and thyroid meds.

PM me if you want the whole list and some doctors who might be able to help you.


Thanks Rosetrees I am going to try T3 cycadian method as I know some people have had their cortisol raised by supporting cortisol production through the timing of t3 meds. I thought hydrocortisone was prescription only?


sulamaye, your circadian rhythm is correct just everything is a bit on the low side.

Have you ever checked on dietary suggestions to improve cortisol? Plus good sleep is essential as well. My diet is good, meal spacing is good, no snacks and no sugar or junk. But that has had zero effect.

I know when my thyroid meds were increased, the cortisol went up a tiny bit. Nothing special at all. Then when the thyroid meds were decreased, the cortisol went down again. But it was never good in the first place. Now with increase of both T4 and T3 will see. Not expecting to set the world on fire though.....

Maybe we need more sunshine. I don't go outside enough for sure.


HC cream can be purchased over the counter :)


wow and that helps rubbing cream in? I always thought that was for ezema - cant spell it!


You have to measure it properly and know what you are doing. There's some excellent advise on dosing with HC in the Stop The Thyroid Madness book. If you are thinking of going down that route, I suggest you buy the book and read up on it first, so you know what you are doing.


My results are much the same as yours - right pattern but at the low end of the range. My DHEA is fine, though (I get it prescribed). I found t3 early in the morning, nutri adrenal before breakfast, a bit of ashwagandha when things get stressful and plenty of meditation has helped me feel better most of the time. Don't know what my results are now as I'm saving up for another test. I'm wondering if adrenal cortex might be better than nutri adrenal. I want get my early result up without raising my evening one.


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