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Adrenal Stress results - high cortisol. Noooooo!

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I have just had these results and would appreciate any advice tips re: management of high/’high within range’ cortisol, particularly the afternoon one. I have been taking herbal adaptogens (liquorice, ginseng, gingko biloba, California poppy, milk thistle, mother wort and ginger) since March, which I feel are helping. The results are slightly better than the test I did in November, although I was expecting better. I think that maybe I should have stopped the herbs for a while before taking the saliva test to get a truer picture. I took the test 5 days after starting T3, for which I am now noticing very tiny improvements. However, I am aware of a strange ‘stress’ reaction, feeling shaky, and a bit faint, which I think is an adrenal issue. I have noticed this since last year. Adrenal fatigue seems always to relate to low cortisol in the books I have read, which I want to avoid in the future so need to address this. Vitamin levels are all optimal, I eat healthily and regularly, avoid alcohol (most of the time!), don’t smoke, walk the dog (when I can), get regular good sleep. I am currently depressed and stressed (due to this damned illness and getting no support from medics) so taking 5HTP. Do I need over the counter adrenal support or HC? Do I just need to chillax? And if so, how!?

Sample 1 Post Awakening 29.77( 7.45-32.56)

Sample 2 10.79 (+ 4 - 5 Hours) (2.76-11.31)

Sample 3 16.60 (+ 4 - 5 Hours) (1.38 -7.45) Very High

Sample 4 4.79 (Prior to Sleep) (0.83 – 3.86) High

Sum of cortisol 62 (was 66 in November).


Mean: .42

DHea cortisol ratio .013 Low (.015-.150)

Secretory Iga is normal.

5 Replies
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What are the results of the two DHEA samples, that should be on your results sheet along with the ratio if it's a Genova test.

My morning cortisol was high in range, and my curve was pretty good. But my DHEA was in the basement. I am taking adaptogenic herbs for the cortisol and bioidentical progesterone cream which should help raise DHEA in an effort to balance them.

Are you taking lots of Vit C? That helps support adrenals.

Have you seen Dr Myhill's articles on adrenals? You might find some help there.

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Scazzoh in reply to SeasideSusie

The first DHEA sample result was .38 (.25 - 2.22) and the second one was .45, which are on the lowish side of normal. The DHEA cortisol ratio is low normal, 0.013 (0.015 - 0.150), but higher than in November. I have been taking 2.500mg per day vit c powder for the last three months. Looking at Dr. Myhill['s article, I am looking at the first sign of adrenal exhaustion, which is what I feared and is probably due to emotional overload. Is your bioidentical cream a form of pregnenolone? Where do you get it from? You can PM me if you like.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Scazzoh

Scazzoh Progesterone cream is progesterone, a sex hormone, pregnenolone is a steroid hormone. I take mine under guidance from a hormone specialist who is helping me with my adrenals/sex hormones which are playing a part in my thyroid health.

If you think progesterone cream is what you would like to try then drop me a PM and I can pass on details of a couple of brands of bioidentical progesterones. It's only part of the answer though in my case. I haven't read Dr Myhill's articles for some time so can't remember what she recommends for the different stages of adrenal problems.

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Scazzoh in reply to SeasideSusie

I have sent you a pm.

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Hello Scazzoh

Seriphos (phosphorylated-serine) is supposed to lower cortisol. Here's a few articles on it. The first one explains how to time it for your afternoon cortisol high. I am currently taking it for high cortisol but it's too soon for me to say if it is working or not.

I also alternate pregnenolone and DHEA to support the adrenals and give them a bit of a rest. All these measures are short term only, not for long term use.


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