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Confused about results and endo visit

I'm a little confused

I've been sent to see an endocrinologist who has said that my blood work doesn't warrant treatment just yet and that we have to do a period of monitoring..... but everywhere I look for information, using my last results, I'm seeing that I should be on a trial period of thyroxine to see it it helps.

I gave him a list of symptoms and family history, all women seem to have a thyroid problem in our family including my 18 year old sister who has been diagnosed underactive.

My results

Tsh slightly elevated

Ft4 within normal range

Tpo anti bodies 962.9

Now since these bloods where taken I have been feeling much better is it possible even with antibodies for my thyroid to switch back on and produce the right levels???

The endo has requested a more indepth blood work on my thyroid function because he has said that those sets of bloods are a very limited test and wanted to look more into it before we go ahead with any course of action.... He has said my symptoms are too vague to diagnose with one set of bloods. He also said that I should of had two sets of bloods done before being referred to him. I now have to wait 6 weeks before I see him again for the results.

Now am I border line underactive or is this an autoimmune problem

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It would seem to me that you have Hashimotos. I am not medically trained but when I was diagnosed with high anti-bodies in 2005 all the other tests - TSH FT4 FT3 - were all in range. That does not mean normal. It is often the case with Hashimotos that the TSH etc. can be in range. I was treated with T4 to support the thyroid as it was under attack.

Do you have any gut issues - as Hahsimotos often starts with inflammation in the gut. Docs do not seem to understand a great deal about auto-immune issues or how to treat them.

If you could post the actual results of your TSH and FT4 and the ranges we will be able to advise you better. Also ask for Iron - Folate - B12 - Ferritin - VitD to be tested. They will be low in their ranges and need to be near the top for you to feel well.....

Yes you can sometimes feel well with Hashimotos in the early stages - sometimes even Hyper. Go to the right hand side of this page and look at Browse by Category - scroll down and click onto Hashimotos and you may find some interesting posts to help you....

Keep reading and asking questions....


Tsh 4.55 (0.30-4.40)

Ft4 13.0 (9.2-21.0)

I don't understand what you mean by inflammation of the gut? And what symtoms I would be looking for? I do however suffer at present with constipation

Thank you for such a quick response


Your TSH is over range, your T4 is low, and you have antibodies so I'm not sure why your Endo feels the results are inadequate for an initial diagnosis and treatment If you have Hashimotis you can find your symptoms moving from hypo through to hyper and back again.

Inflammation of the gut might give you pain, bloating, diahroea etc.


Try to have your next bloods drawn as early in the day as possible.


Second lot of Bloods were taken yesterday at 10am

Yes I have suffered with bloating, pain and diarhea in the past... This is all new to me so I'm just going on what my gp and the endo have said :-/


Sammiej, Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease which targets the thyroid. Most autoimmune disease starts in the gut and allergens like gluten can exacerbate it. Cutting out gluten can improve bloating, diarrhoea and constipation and many have said it reduces the Hashimoto's antibodies.

Have a look at the pinned Hashimoto's and Gluten-Free Chat threads.

Ask for a printout of your results with the lab ref ranges and post them for comment after your doctor has reviewed them.


Hi Sammiej, just to say that I ws'normal' and slightly above range with the TSH, only 3 and 4.5 TSH and I grew a nodule in the right lobe of my thyroid. I had to have this surgically removed, along with half my thyroid and I have raised TgAB antibodies not raised Peroxase TP0 antibodies. I hope that all goes well with you.I read this the other day. It helped me; an underactive thyroid is a condition, an auto immune disease is a disease and we can have one without the other or both. I have both. So things can happen when we are 'normal' and within range. Be polite but assertive and keep reading. I have 'Stop the Thyroid Madness', which is a great book and I have just bought Paul Robinson's 'Recovering with T3', because I have not been well on levothyroxine. We deserve the support with this complex condition/disease. It is confusing and it is difficult if, like me I didn't do science at school!!...but there are some really informed and caring people out there and here and you are the expert with your own body!! I wish you all the best!! Keep learning and know that you deserve the best.I am seeing an Endocrinologist next week and hope to be put on some T3 soon.


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