Been to visit endo on fri 20th dec he said I have no thyroid problem ... But he said I will never be tested at docs ever again I will have to go to him every 3 months to have bloods tested I'm a bit confused that if my thyroid is ok why am I going to him ... I have never been on meds I show signs of under I also have a goitre which he felt and said there's nothing there

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  • Hi lou, how did you happen to visit an endo if no one thinks you have a thyroid problem. Perhaps he was talking about a general practitioner would never see you for your thyroid. If he will test you in 3 months, why not ask to do them immediately rather than wait. But definitely take him up on it in 3 months. Get the print out for your tests.

  • Doc refaired me cause of goitre on neck and farther dieing on non hodkinsons and sis is over active it have had a tsh of 0.3 (0.4-5 ) before but next test was 1.7 so he thought I was ok .... Endo said I have to go to him for blood tests now and not to have bloods done at general practitioner he's going to scan neck next

  • Hi Lou. Did you have your FT4 and FT3 tested? If you don't know ask for a copy of the blood test.

  • He's just tested it on the 20th dec

  • It does seem a bit strange because if there's nothing wrong thyroid gland wise and he says you don't have a goitre, it's a mystery to me.

    To say as well that the GP will never do another thyroid gland blood test, and that you will have one done with Endo every three months. Puzzling to say the least. Maybe you will get some other comments if anyone has ideas.

    It does sound as if he believes you will have a thyroid gland problem in the future.

  • Yeah I thought that also I have had my neck scanned before and he wants that done again

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