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Confused with blood results

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid aout 3 years ago. At that time they said my results were very high at 95...i still have no idea what it should be. I take 50 m of levethyroxine daily.

The last year i have had lots of symptoms

Fatigue, weight loss, tingling and aching all over my body, sweating and itching especiallyat night, nausea,electric zaps, bleeding gums and night thirst. I was given antidepressants for anxiety. Two weeks ago i went back to gp because increasing the antidepressantsthere was no improvement. My gp gave me a new antidepressant but also decided to check my bloods. The results are normal excepts for TSH which was 6.2 mu/l range 0.27-4.50u/l. Free T4 is ok 15.4 pmol/l range 11.00-23.00pmol/l. I have to repeat bloods in 1 month. I have decided not to take new antidepressants until i know what my thyroid is doing but i am very confused as i have never reseach underactive thyroid before. When i was first diagnosed i had classic underactive symptoms but now they seem to be more like overactive. Feeling unwell and confused.com

Any advice would be helpful. Thank you

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Where on earth did your doctor go to medical school??

50mcg of levothyroxine is a starter dose. You're very undermedicated. Goodness knows why the doctor's wanting to make you to wait and repeat the test. You need a raise in levothyroxine now.

Is there another doctor in the practice you could see?


Thanks for the reply...i am a little more confused now. Are my levels still not good because i really don't understand them. I cannot get my head around thyroid results and google has left me more baffled. Even though i have had an underactive thyroid for 3 years i decided not to research it until now as googling previous illnesses left me more worried. With the thyriod diagnoses i thought i would just let the professionals thinking they knew what they were doing. What do you think my blood test is revealling?


Jakjak01 The aim of a treated hypo patient is for TSH to be 1 or below or wherever is needed for FT4 and FT3 to be in the upper part of their respective reference ranges.

You are very undermedicated and you need an immediate increase of 25mcg Levo then retesting 6-8 weeks later, another increase of 25mcg and another re-test after a further 6-8 weeks, and so on until your symptoms abate and you feel well.

Your anxiety is probably part of your hypo symptoms and you probably never needed anti depressants in the first place, just an adequate dose of Levo.

I suggest you read and learn as much about Hypothyroidism as you can, otherwise your GP is going to keep you very unwell. Many of us have had to learn to discuss our condition with confidence and be assertive. A good place to start is ThyroidUK's main website (this is ThyroidUK's forum). Go to thyroiduk.org.uk and start at About the Thyroid on the left hand side then work down.

Some of your symptoms may be indicative of low nutrient levels. Ask your GP to test the following of not already done

Vit D




If you've already had them tested, please post the results with reference ranges for members to comment. If your GP won't do them then you can get them done privately with a fingerprick test from Blue Horizon with one of their thyroid bundles bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/T...


Just check my blood print out and I haven't had any of them test done. I feel quite intimidated by my gp due to previous problems because i have a very lengthy and unusual medical history which puts me off changing to a new practise. I think i may need a private referal. Thanks for the advice i will check out the other website.


If you are thinking of asking for a referral to a private endo, then email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of thyroid friendly endos, see who you can get to then ask for feedback from members.

Most endos are diabetes specialists with little knowledge of thyroid disease so you don't want to be wasting your money.


Thank you so much i have got a bit of reading to do now. I have diabetes type 2 diet only which was dignosed not long after the underactive thyroid. I also was on colecalacifarol for vit d deficience but gp stopped them about 9 months ago cos he said my levels had reached normal. I have a severe fatty liver and get pain under my right rib as well as many of the symtoms on the tick list on thyroiduk.org.uk. All this started after stopping HRT due to a DVT. Im 48 10 stone and eat a healthy diet. Had lots of test on liver and all ok. Sorry i'm blarring on now.......


Do come back with any questions, members are happy to help :)


Hi Jakjak01

Looks like SeasideSusie beat me to it.

As she says, start here thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/diagno...

This will tell you what should have happened. Your doctor should have tested your blood 6-8 weeks after first starting you on 50mcg and incrementally raised your dose until symptoms were relieved. That hasn't happened.

Here's a list of hypothyroid symptoms - see what you can tick off. You almost certainly didn't need antidepressants - just more levothyroxine!


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Tick list was very helpful thank you. I have many of the symptoms.....and my gp just thought i was anxious. Blimey i have a lot to learn. I thinka private referal is a must. Thanks for all your help 😊


tsh at 6.2 is in no way normal

you are hypothyroid and anti depressants will have exacerbated that ...sliwly wean yourself iff them and never be fooled into taking them ever again

you need mire thyroid meds and a GP who understands thyroid which yours clearly does not



Bluehorizonmedicals have private testing that will include everything you need tested if you're too intimidated to go back. (Although they are meant to be there to help us)

Thyroid plus 11, 12 and 15 are all good tests. 11 you can do at home by finger prick otherwise you can arrange through bluehorizonmedicals to get bloods taken. If you're Uk that is!


Your diet may be at the root of your problems.

Fatty liver typically happens when you eat too many carbohydrates and your body can't use them all, do it stores them as fat in your liver. This goes along with type 2 diabetes.

You might try a Paleo Diet or even a ketogenic diet. It would get rid if gluten, which could be helping to cause your thyroid symptoms.

Simply put, sweets and starches might be killing you. Eat veggies, protein and healthy fats.

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Thanks Learner1. I have just been bought a Keto book which i find facinating. I am going to give it a bash in hope of a better well-being because i feel like poop from head to toe. I really apreciate everyones comments....i feel you all understand that my problem isn't in my head which is not the vibe i get from the professionals who provide me healthcare.


Your head is attached to the rest of your body. Doctors should focus on fixing the body, not your head.

Glad you're looking at the diet. I know keto sounds drastic, but it's really about eating vegetables mainly, with adequate protein, and lots of healthy fats. Take it a step at a time.

Good luck!

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Reminder -TSH 6.2 mu/l range 0.27-4.50u/l. Free T4 is ok 15.4 pmol/l range 11.00-23.00pmol/l.

Went back to see GP and told him i had done a bit of research on underactive thyroid and before i could finish my sentance he said...'.we would not diagnoise you with an underactive thyroid with theses results, they are borderline'. I told him he diagnoised me 3 years ago - he looked at his computer screen an said 'oh yes.... i will up your dose and see how you go' i am now on 75mcg. He also reminded me to start the new antidepressants venlafaxine he gave me at last visit as i told him i had stopped the citalapram like he said but was holding off from the venlafaxine until my thyroid queries were looked at.

I wish i had researched hypo before now as i have put my trust a faith into these people only to find they can't even keep up with the info they already have. I now realise i need to learn as much as possible because it seem that hypothyrodism is very neglected by these so called professionals. Evenmoreconfused.com


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