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Latest lab results - thoughts on B12 please x

Serum vit b12 498 (191-663)

serum free t3 4.2 (3.10-6.80)

Serum free t4 16.6 (22-22)

Serum tsh 0.91 (0.3-5.5)

Serum folate 19.6 (4.60-18.70)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 188.4 (0.00-50.00)

Serum ferritin 45 (15-150)

And one that keeps coming back which my doc said pointed to folic acid induced anemia, but now since my folate level is over range I cant understand why it's still high -

Mean corpusc. Haemoglobin 32.1 (27-32)

Any input gratefully recieved x

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I would say that your folate is good and also B12. I would be concerned about the TPO antibodies. I felt awful with a level of 120, (same range) and after reading I have gone onto GF and dairy free diet which reduced levels to 20! Have improved but my throat is feeling swollen again, so I am now considering low dose naltrexone, to try and knock them on the head! I'm sure others will comment on thyroid bloods. I am best when TSH is below 1


Im also going to try LDN, have filled in the form for the telephone consultation and just waiting for the call now :-) have also been considered trying to go gluten free. Did you find it hard to adapt?


I think your B12 is low. Only 20% of the result in the blood is available at a cellular level where it is utilised. Around 450 can be the cause of neurological decline ( can't find the car keys ! ) In Japan the range starts at 500-1300 as detailed on

Sally Pachlok also mentions that older people should be around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline. Also your Ferritin should be around 90 I believe. Ferritin is the stored iron - so not much in the cupboard for a rainy day.

It would appear that you have Hashimotos - and there is lots of good information out there - also on this forum and on the main Thyroid UK website. If you would like more information then please do ask. It's the end of the day here in Crete and I am tired !!


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