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Your thoughts on latest results please

Hello all you knowledgeable people

Could you advise me if these are looking ok or still falling short ie under/incorrect treatment.

TSH 1.4 mIU/L (0.27-4.2)

T4. 22.9 pmol/L ( 12-22)

T3 4.1 pmol/L. ( 3.1-6.8)

TPO antibodies 202 IU/ml (0-34)

TG antibodies 21.3 IU/ml ( 0-115)

Ferritin 117 ug/L (13-150)

Folate 12.3 ug/L (4.6-18)

B12 > 256 pmol/L (25.1-165)

25 OH D 123 nmol/L (20-200)

8:30 am cortisol 499 nmol/L (133-537)

I waited 25 hours after taking my last dose of Levo. Dose is 100 mcg 5 /week & 75mcg twice/week.

I’m gluten and dairy free (have been for last couple of months). I supplement with B complex.

Fatigue has almost gone although I’m not exercising heavily - just walking & a bit of yoga. Sleep has improved too although I still wake up a couple of times during the night but manage to get back to sleep until 5:30am.

Tingling is less but still there sometimes in hands & feet & arms- more of a buzzing & heat in extremities.

I still have dry eyes but bit better than a couple of months ago.

I’ve still not managed to increase weight back to “my normal “ but it may be due to low sugar in diet ?

Any thoughts or suggestions on these results /symptoms ?

Thanks so much

P x

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Correction ! T4 was 20 not 22.9.


Your vitamins are pretty much optimal

Presumably you stopped vitamin B complex 3-5 days before blood tests

Do you supplement selenium, magnesium, or zinc or vitamin C

Your FT3 is still too low

But FT4 is near top of range

You might try increase to 100mcg everyday

If FT3 not improved at next test in say 3 months, look at getting DIO2 gene test and Email Thyroid UK for list of recommended thyroid specialists, some are T3 friendly

please email Dionne




Thanks SlowDragon

Yes I do take 15mg zinc & 300mg magnesium glycinate. I started supplementing with selenium but stopped as it contained yeast (cytoplan) & I felt I had a reaction. But not sure if it was the yeast. I might try again?

Can you suggest a good selenium supplement?

Yes that’s what I thought too SD that my T3 is still low & I too wondered about increasing Levo to 100mcg daily. Good advice to have that genetic test if still no improvement but I was holding off for £££ reasons & in case things started improving.

Why is it that gluten free helps with hypothyroid?


P x


I didn’t stop B complex 3-5 days before test


Remember to do so next time, incase biotin interferes with test results



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Just checked my B complex & it has a small dose of biotin 70mcg so it shouldn’t interfere with TFT based on the articles you kindly shared. Would you agree?

Also I’ve just read a post from someone saying they don’t even have a cup of tea within an hour of thyroxine ? I have always had a cup of tea within an hour! Oh dear. Also does liposomal vitamin C interfere with levothyroxine?

I can’t take Levo at night because I take my magnesium and zinc at night - I think it helps me sleep. I take Vit D at lunchtime.

Thanks !



Yes no tea or coffee within an hour of Levothyroxine

NHS even notes no calcium rich foods within four hours

See point 8 - foods to avoid


I take my magnesium late afternoon/early evening

I found taking Levothyroxine at bedtime Improved sleep, but everyone is different

Biotin unlikely to affect, but best to stop 3-5 days before any blood tests just in case

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I know all these tests and supplements add up in £. I had to have private endoscopy too!

I was very reticent to do a DIO2 gene test. But it's been a great investment, as it got me T3 on NHS.

These links explain gluten issues.....I had absolutely no gut symptoms at all......endoscopy showed severe gluten intolerance








Very helpful. Thank you


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