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Following a hemithyroidectomy in March, my blood test results have been as follows:

14.4.14 TSH 7.67 (range 0.1-4),

Free T4 10.0 (8-20)

16.5.14 TSH 7.61 (range 0.1-4),

Free T4 10.4 (8-20)

Vit D 44 (75-250)

B12 389 (170-730)

Ferritin 161 (15-300)

Folate 4.2 (3-25)

HbA1c 42 (<48)

I have had no medication of any kind since my op but today, my GP has started me on 25 micrograms of Levo. She also suggested I should buy some Vit D so I have picked up a tub of Vitamin D3 1000iu to take one per day.

I feel pretty cheerful but have gained over a stone in weight, get tired very quickly and have gritty eyes and occasional blurred vision. Could someone advise me about how long it will take on the Levo before I start to feel better than this?

Many thanks.


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25mcg is a very low dose so make sure you have a follow up thyroid blood test in 6 weeks so an increase can be made if necessary.

It might be an idea to take 5,000iu vitamin D until your level is >75. It would be a good idea to supplement B12 too as your level is quite low in range.


Thanks, Clutter. This kind of advice is exactly what I was hoping for when I posted. I'll follow up on it.


Your weight gain will be a result of your hypothyroidism. I don't know why GP didn't prescribe D3 as you are clearly deficient.

If you supplement with B12 it has to be methylcobalamin and not cyanocobalamin.

As clutter says, 25mcg is an extremely low dose and I don't know why she didn't give you 50mcg so a raise should be due in 6 weeks at your next blood test. Unfortunately, some GP's believe when the patients' TSH is 'within range' that the patient is on an adequate dose. This isn't true so, as you have done above, always get your results and post with the ranges.

Someone who is knowledgeable on blood tests will refer to your ferritin and folate levels which seem low to me.


I think my GP has started me off on a low dose as I am in my mid 60s. Although I don't have any history of heart disease, I suppose she's just being careful. She wants to see me again in August but, as you recommend a 6-week check, I'll make sure I get an appointment in July. Thanks, shaws.


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