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Hi, Went Drs last week. Asked if I could try T3. Said no, they don't prescribe it. I said I could buy it myself, she said if I start

self medicating, I could end up hyper thyroid again. I thought that once I'd had the RAI that I couldn't go hyper again. She did agree to more blood tests. So I had B12, folate, ferritin, FBC and Vit D. I'm thinking of private tests, so a few less now, Bring the cost down a bit. Just wanted to know if I am right about the iodine. Thanks for reading ,

Joan x

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It is possible to become hyperthyroid in the sense of over-dosed - wherever you started from. Simply tipping too much down your neck! :-)

It is also possible for thyroid tissue to regrow after surgery and even RAI (though possibly less common when done for cancers as they treat with a higher dose of radio-active iodine). Regrown thyroid tissue can produce thyroid hormone and result in hyperthyroidism.

I suspect (but have no evidence to hand) that you are less likely to find your thyroid tissue regrowing if on a sufficient dose of thyroid hormone. After all, that has been the rationale behind giving cancer patients sufficient thyroid hormone to suppress their TSH.

Good you are getting those tests done.



Thanks Rod, I wish I'd had all this advice years ago. Should get results tomorrow, hopefully.


Is your doctor's name Pilate, by any chance? What on earth is there to stop her monitoring your T3 use. Talk about frightening you out of it! Shame on her.

You mention being right about iodine - but I don't quite understand what the issue with that is. Could you rephrase, perhaps?

I agree with Rod about regrowth. After all, it is most probably some sort of irregularity that caused it to go hyper-thryroid in the first place, so IF it recovers it's like to recover irregularly again. I don't think many do recover.


Hi humphrey, Thanks for your reply.

Re iodine. I was hyper-thyroid, went drs as I had lost so much weight, and after being on carbimazole for a while, was given RAI. I thought that after that I couldn't go back to being hyper, and have been on thyroxine for about 8 years, 125 mm.But my dr doesn't agree, said I could go hyper. The last 2-3 years,seem to go back and forth to drs, given tablets for different things, told I have asthma, copd. Since finding HU, found that it's not just me. Just would like to try T3, but seems I have to do it on my own. So grateful for advice from all the lovely people on HU.


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