Why would doctor order thyroid blood tests with pain around ovaries?

One doctor told me I was hyper about 3 years ago. A couple of tests since have been normal. Haven't had T4. I have symptoms that match hyper.

Been getting dullish pain in ovary area for a couple of years but has got a lot worse recently so went to GP and he's ordered ultrasound and full bloods and specifically mentioned thyroid despite being the same GP who told me there was nothing wrong with it last time I asked (about a year ago).

Am wondering how ovaries/thyroid connected?

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  • A thyroid gland dysfunction affects every cell in our bodies from head to toe, particularly for women who have 'female problems', fertility, etc etc and other clinical symptoms. Many women have had hysterectomies maybe some of them needlessly due to undiagnosed/undertreated thyroid gland problems.

    Your GP sounds good and thorough.

  • Thanks for reply. I've been in with this pain once before and they've basically said no infections and left me to it. This time I managed to see him whilst it was really bad so probably why he did more.

  • My GP, at the time I had my hysterectomy (for torn ligament) was quite cross when she found out it was because of untreated hypo after a sub-total thyroidectomy and said it could have been treated with hormones.

  • Your GP is right. They treat symptoms and whip out things but they don't look at the whole picture and the patient has unnecessary procedure and may have many problems thereafter. A young japanese woman had multiple polycystic ovaries but all went with proper thyroid meds. No op was necessary. It was then advised that people with PCO should have thyroid function tests first.

  • The thyroid is the conductor of the entire endocrine orchestra and that means in excess of some 40 different hormones affecting every part and system of the body

    Sadly far too many GPs and even Endos seem to have totally forgotten this most basic biological fact

  • Thanks for reply. I know how difficult it is to get thyroid problems sorted properly even with classic symptoms. Looks like I've dropped lucky this time around with GP.

  • Love the conductor bit, hits the nail on the head!

  • hi could this be why I have had persistent pelvic pain -it s there from the time I get up and moving about btu dont get it when in bed .had USS few weeks ago at hospital and said everyhtign was normal and I have hypothyroid symptoms.

  • Mine is intermittent, lasts for a couple of weeks then stops again. GP checks me for infections, I never have one. However the last time was so bad I couldn't go to work - I couldn't do anything much for 5 days. Maybe get it checked before it gets to that stage?

  • Endometriosis is another possibility

    also Aluminium poisoning from cooking in aluminium or non stick coated aluminium base pans

  • I am in the process of being fobbed off with fibroids and ovary issues - a cyst they claim is functional despite a host of associated symptoms and a history of surgery for fibroids and multiple blood transfusions for heavy bleeding.

  • There is a strong association between ovary problems, particularly PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and thyroid problems (particularly hypothyroidism). Can you relate to many of the hypothyroid symptoms list? If not your doctor is just being thorough.

  • So weird since i was a child i.ve had problems with my ovaries and pelvis i.ve had infections etc been investigated many times and nothing was found. i was then told i had ibs and the pain was from that been treated for ibs for a few years by the look of things i.ve not got that lol.

  • I have just had both ovaries removed due to cysts but according to a registrar at the hosp there is no link!!!!!! (I did make it plain to her that I thought she was talking rubbish.lol.)

    Have a look at this link re ovaries, cysts and thyroid problems - the first bit of the link is about PCOS but if you scroll down you will find lots of helpful info.


    Moggie x

  • Thanks for link :)

  • wow - first half page - I was diagnosed with blood sugar problems last November! I'm not overweight though.

  • I must say that a lot of things did start clicking into place with me when I first read it - just a shame that the NHS refuse to see the link and treat it totally separate to your thyroid illness. Amazingly my anaesthetist, why was wonderful, linked everything together - from my thyroid illness, adrenals and cysts.

    Moggie x

  • Well it seems a good start by my GP but we'll see how I get on. I'll post when I get results from scan and bloods and see if I'm same as you.

  • My scan showed my right ovary had a 12cm x 11cm x 9cm cyst and my left ovary had two or three smaller ones. Originally I was only gong in to have my right ovary removed but when the very last scan (I had had three by then) showed my other ovary had started to go the same way I asked them, if it looked likely that I would need a further op two years down the line, to take both.

    Good luck with it all and yes please do let us know how you get on.

    Moggie x

  • I seem to be getting worse ... over the last 3 days I've been very dizzy more or less permanently and my neck/throat hurt - it seems to be where my thyroid is, its very tender to touch. Also in my back, high up, centre. Is there a gland there or something?

    I'll try and go to docs again tomorrow - last week he said bloods to be done in May so he gets results same time as ovary scan but I didn't have the throat/neck problems at that point.

    Are thyroid bloods starvation? If so I won't eat until I've seen him and will try get them done tomorrow.

    Already worried about time off work - had 2 days sick week before last and unless things change overnight I won't be able to go tomorrow. Do others find these symptom intermittent? or am I stuck with them until I get treated?

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