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Ultra sound scan shows my thyroid is severely atrophied

Diagnosed hypo in 2007 (TSH 5.6 TPO 15) put on levo. Last 2 years have had a lot of problems and was quite ill in November an had some hyper symptoms. GP agreed to do TPO test result 110 (range is up to 60) He emailed Consultant who suggested my levo be increased from alternate 75/100mcg daily to 100mcg daily and that was it!

I started to read up on my condition. "Hashimoto's Thyroiditis The root cause"-Isabella Wentz and "why do I still have thyroid problems" -Datis Kharrazian. I was diagnosed with intolerance to wheat, eggs and chicken 15 years ago and have rarely eaten wheat since, but do eat rye bread and oats. I will now try gluten free diet. My Ferritin, iron and Vit D were all at good levels when last tested. I will have B12 and folate test and also Selenium, zinc and magnesium.

I paid for a private scan (£120) No doubt my GP will say carry on as before but I wold welcome any suggestions as to where I go from here. Still trying to digest the info in the above books and realise GF diet isn't enough.

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Hi Crimple. As you are looking at diet, it might be worth your while taking a look at the auto-immune paleo diet, as you have antibodies. I believe this lady is one of the leaders in the field

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Many thanks for this rosetrees. I am a great believer in trying to do things with what I eat rather than taking medication. Pity there is little if any support from our medics. They think my food intolerances are just a whim!

I see the book is due out in a couple of weeks. I will read up on paleo diets whilst I wait. Interestingly the lady who did my thyroid scan was diagnosed with MS and has controlled it with paleo diet! What a coincidence! or just reinforces "you are what you eat". Thanks again


I agree the information in the books is a journey in itself and requires several read throughs. Can you bear to use a highlighter pen or a pencil - goes against the grain ( GF of course ! ) to do that in a new and expensive book :-)

You do not mention your results or ranges that were done recently - that would be helpful. Also the Iron Ferritin VitD etc. - were they near the top of the range ?

This research was done in Chania in Crete where I live and was sent to me today by Rod aka Helvella. I have Hashi's and Crohns and take 10,000IU's a day of VitD - things have improved. I expect your B12 will be low too and when you can increase that it will improve conversion rates of T4 to T3. Once you start taking B12 you will also need Folic Acid. You may also benefit from the addition of T3. I am now T3 only - having been just T4 - then T4/T3 before T3 only. I was diagnosed in 2005 at 59. Hashi's people seem to have more problems with converting it seems....that was certainly my problem.

Hope you can soon find some answers and feel better....

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thanks for this Marz. Ranges were good for Vit D and Ferritin, it's the B12 and folate I need to get sorted and the minerals. The hypo is from my Dad's family, his 2 sisters and brother and then several of my female cousins all suffered from hypo. My Dad was diagnosed with Crohns' s 2 years ago he will be 90 this year, so he must be tougher than we realised. I shall be using a bright highlighter pen in the new book! Will keep you all posted how I progress. Thanks for all the help


:-) :-)


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