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Ultra sound & Neck Exam

I'm going to my GP next week and am considering asking for a scan on my thyroid and also to mention that no one has examined my neck/thyroid in over a decade. Is there even any use in getting a scan? Do old fashioned neck exams even get done any more by Endos? My aunt is a retired doctor in Europe and she said scans are done as a matter of course. Having been chronic for 17 years surely I have earned at least 1 scan?

I've got to the point where I'm going nowhere fast with my health and I've reached a point where I'm struggling to get through the days again.

Is it worth asking for a referral to an Endo? My past experience of them is that positive. I have had insufficient vit D, ferritin, B12 and also have hashi. None of them tested for B12 etc - I paid for those tests.

If anyone can recommend an enlightened Endo that specialises in thyroid in London or home counties could you please DM me?

I'm hoping my GP will test for B12, ferritin (won't/can't do vit D) and iron along with thyroid (TSH only I should imagine so I'll get a private test done). Should I be asking for anything else to test to see why I suffer daily with headaches, breathlessness and fatigue?

Thank you.


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Letter sent from the Chief Medical Officer of Health to ALL Health Practitioners. In my book Auto-immune issues should be included as should thyroid illness. Maybe print and show GP - or ask if he has seen it :-)

Yes I had a scan here in Crete as part of the diagnosis - as TFT's can be in range but having nodes may indicate a problem.

Have you gone gluten free ? - have read it helps Hashi's people to feel better and in my own case has reduced aches and pains considerably. Also I have B12 injections and take large doses of VitD ...both of which have improved my health. All advice given/learnt here and for which I am extremely grateful.....

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Hi Marz, thanks for your reply. I haven't gone on a strict gluten free diet but I consciously avoid anything with gluten in. I should be more proactive but I've become so apathetic that it's hard to do anything. Vicious circle I fear.

I seem to have at least 3 possible causes for my current symptoms and I don't know how to get my doctor to do something to help me. I find this situation very isolating and disheartening. I'm hoping that this time I can get my GP to really investigate why I feel so poorly.

My husband was going to come with me to my appointment but has now got a business meeting he has to go to. In some ways I'm loathe to go in with a list of things as in my experience GPs don't like it but there's no way I'll remember everything otherwise. I've had to wait a week for this appointment so want to get it right first time!

Thanks again.



From reading your thread on the PAS forum where you posted your results - you were pointed in the direction of some excellent advice. Your results are very bad for B12 etc. and all your GP is doing is prescribing iron after the tests you had done in July. It will take at least 3 months for things to improve. ONLY around 20% of the B12 in your last blood test is available to reach the cells where it is needed - in the red blood the amount you have is pitifully low and will cause unpleasant symptoms. Neurological symptoms can happen at a result below 450. In Japan the range STARTS at 500.

What was your RBC and MCV count/result on the FBC - Full blood count ? I think you should insist on injections for the B12 - and loading doses in the beginning to improve matters. There is a NHS protocol for Docs to follow. You may not find that adequate - as it is 3-monthly - so push for more if you are still tired.

With the B12, ensure you are taking a HIGH quality B Complex and maybe some separate Folic Acid for a while to boost things. Folic Acid and B12 work together in the body and there may not be enough in the Complex. Are you taking the Iron with VitC to aid absorption ? Also take the iron well away from your Thyroid treatment.

Hashimotos is auto-immune so it is possible you could have Pernicious Anaemia - have you been tested ? Homocysteine levels - how are they ? Usually high when B12 is low and is an indicator if high of other health problems....

I don't think it will be worth having more tests done as you had them done in July. Once self-treating with B12 the results will be skewed anyway.

Healing the gut is the most important thing with Hashimotos and addressing the building blocks of your body with good nutrition. So treat the low Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD - Iron and all should improve....hopefully :-)

Being a little bit gluten free doesn't really work - just a speck of gluten can set the gut off again. It's the same as you can't be - just a little bit pregnant :-) :-) - I once read !!


Ooops forgot - also on the PAS forum you mentioned you gave up T3 in July. That too could be causing problems....especially if you have also lowered your T4....


Could you see a different GP? I hadn't been offered a scan either, but was determined to have one, just for my own peace of mind. My usual GP wouldn't do it, so I saw a locum, who did request it for me. It was a relief when it was done and showed nothing sinister.


Thanks Trixie64, when the locum organized your scan did he have to justify why? I have been told they'll only do a scan if you have a goitre or cancer.

This is the third doctor I've seen at the practice. It will be my second appointment with him. He is the 'family' doctor and seems to have been helpful to them. Since my Dad's death this GP seems to have particularly tried to look out for my Mum; I'm hoping he will help me as well!



At the time I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in the thyroid area whenever I coughed or laughed. The locum palpated it, didn't say anything, but went ahead and ordered it. Maybe I just struck lucky for once!

I realise now that this discomfort occurred when I was very hypo. I haven't had it since starting NDT in May.

I hope you'll get some joy at your appointment. Good luck!



BM, the GP should palpate (feel/examine) your throat and neck and if swelling or nodules are felt should arrange for an ultra sound scan. Scan will measure the size and condition of the thyroid and show nodules. Multi nodular goiters are 95% benign but a single nodule may requre a fine needle aspiration is done to check for cancerous cells. Sometimes a nodule may secrete thyroid hormone and a radioactive iodine uptake test may be done.


Thanks Clutter. You kindly replied to a post I made earlier in the week and I'm afraid I asked you more questions. Would you please have time to take a look and give me your thoughts? BM


BM, when you reply to a post click on the orange Reply button underneath the post you are responding to and an email alert is sent.

I can't find the questions you are referring to. Can you post a link to them.


I'm so sorry Clutter, I'm not with it! My thinking and memory are not too good and I confused you with someone else - both of you have been so helpful that I mixed you both up. Apologies.



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