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ED recoverer, hypothyroid, overdose of vitamin and minerals HELP :(

hi guys,

i wrote earlier but i have just had a major thought of why this has happened :)

i had been suffering from anorexia (i hate that word!!!) for two year and i am truly on the end of my journey and embracing life :)

i am a 17 year old girl, a little over 5'6 and i don't know my weight (i am worth more than a number :P) but i am a small size, but i am healthy and attend a doctor and nutritionist and therapist :)

i am a really healthy and balanced eater, i don't restrict and i am active and play sports.

I went to get my bloods done last week, I went to the doctors (alone, may i add!!) and had them done!

long story short, i received my results today! every result came back fine, so i was very proud. i then looked at my Thyroid hormone level and it was abnormal :O

i took a few minutes and thought - okay my last blood result for this was normal. i was much sicker then, so why may this have happened ?? i had been extremely stressed as i started a new school in september and wasn't having an easy time settling in. i wasn't sleeping well, i was exercising A LOT back then, my periods have still not returned (this is not because i am underweight or unhealthy, my body is still healing and prearing itself, i was told this from my doctor!!) and rising hormone levels can effect TSH levels. it made sense as i have been quiet tired recently, more than usual! ALL these factors must have taken it's toll on my body. ALL these factors are no longer present.

this blood result

free T4 - 12.8

TSH - 5.59

last blood result

free T4 - 12.2

TSH - 2.78

i am so so worried i have an underactive thyroid :( will this correct itself ???

when i had my previous bloods done, i was under less stress but very active !! is this stress induced ???

i really would like your help as i'm trying so hard and this is really upsetting for me !!

i have just realised i have been overdosing on vitamin and mineral tablets

i think this may be why i have gotten this result

i was taking

2 galfer iron tablets

2 calcium tablets

1 centrum (multi vitamin)

3 primrose oil

1 omega 3 oil

3 garlic oil

and recently for the last few months i have been taking - (started taking hair, teeth and nail after last blood results)

2 hair, skin and nails tablets

i have been over dosing in a lot of minerals and vitamins

i was shocked when i saw how much i was having :O :O :O

i am from tomorrow going to take

1 galfer iron tablets

2 calcium tablets

1 centrum (multi vitamin)

2 primrose oil

1 omega 3 oil

is this okay, or still too much ???

do you think this is the cause of my thyroid result being high ???

i feel a lot of relief as i think this is the cause and i can resolve this problem hopefully :)

what do you think ?????

i'm sorry if i sound a little weird askin but i just thought you guys would be the right people to ask :)

please help me xox

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Why are you taking calcium? If you don't know your calcium level you shouldn't take them as high calcium is not good. Better to get enough calcium through diet as supplements cause problems especially if you don't need them.


When ever it have tried taking Calcium it makes my Kidneys ache. So I am very cautious of it and wouldn't take it unless I had too and not without a blood test.


when i was sick i had osteopenia (the onset of osteoporosis) therefore i had to take calcium tablets

i hope that helps :) !!


hi there, as others have said I personally would be very cautious with the much overall are you taking per day including the multivitamin which will include calcium.?Unless your last blood test gave a result for calcium and it was ok be very watchful.Due to meds for breast cancer that I was taking I developed oesteoporosis which improved after stopping the meds and was just oesteopenia.I was told by specialist to stop taking the calcium at that point,not needed since my calcium level was tested and was ok.Hence best advice would be to get a calcium blood test to be sure you not overdoing it.


Ps. Also be careful with the total iron you taking!!


I have osteopenia but cannot take calcium as I have high calcium level, I also have vit d deficiency but cannot take vit d supplement because of the high calcium. You really need to check your calcium level asap


Would also be careful with the amount of iron you are taking,also best to get tested


thank you - i am going to be seeing my nutritionist on friday so i will talk to her then

would this affect the thyroid functioning ????

as my periods have not reutrned, i thought i needed to be taking iron ???


Stress can throw your thyroid out of whack and your body has had a lot to cope with. Your latest bloods look ok as far as one can tell without the lab ref ranges. I don't think your supplementing will have affected your thyroid. Your TSH has come down which is good. Ask for repeat tests in 3 months just to keep an eye on it.

Are you low in iron and calcium or guessing? If you haven't been tested I would stop supplementing and request blood tests. Ask for VitD, B12 and folate to be tested too. Your body's had a hammering so you may be deficient and this, or low in range results can make you feel fatigued. The multi-vitamin, omega & primrose oils are fine.

When you get any blood results ask for print outs with lab ref ranges. You can always post here for comments/advice.


I think Clutter has given you very good advice here, good reply


hi thank you so so much for replying!! it really means a lot to me :)

for this result

estradiol - 27

progesterone - 1.7

albumin - 42

alkaline phosphate -40

ALT -30

bilirubin total - 6

creatine - 75

free T4 - 12.8

gamma glutamyl transferase - 14

phosphate (inorganic) 1.11

TSH 5.59

total protein - 69

urea - 5.7

baso - 0.04

eos - 0.05

hb- 12.5

hdw- 2.30

luc- 0.09

lymph- 1.27

MCH - 34.6

MCHC - 34.9

MCV - 99.1

mono - 0.39

neut - 2.63

pcv - 0.359

platelet - 162

RBC - 3.63

wbc - 4.47

my iron, glucose and platelets were extremely low at one point and my doctor was quiet worried which has come right - i know my periods still havent come back but i am taking 2 galfer iron tablets, multi vitaimins, primrose oil, garlic oil and omega 3 oils and 2 calcium tablets daily

no my doctor has said to come back in 6 weeks to have another test - i'm so worried because i though i had a fast metabolism when i was younger, i REALLY don't want to have an underactive thyroid or go on tablets, i'm really upset by this and i really would rather not to have to go on tablets :'(

i have been worrying about this since i got my results, i just dont know what to do :'( :'(

what do you guys think ???


Hi, did you see my reply on your last post? Your MCV and MCH are too high. This can be due to macrocytic anaemia (enlarged red blood cells), which is caused by B12 and/or folate deficiency. You need to ask your doctor to test these 2 things. More info here:


I wouldn't worry about 'going on tablets' at this point. After all, you are taking plenty already!. If you are not having periods you are probably less in need of the iron than if you were. 3 of my daughters have very heavy periods and have to take iron from time to time because they get anaemic from all the blood loss. If you aren't having periods then your body won't be using the iron up each month. Having said that, someone who understands all your blood test results will be able to tell you whether you actually need iron or not (or maybe even your nutritionist).

Another thing to remember is that the TSH level fluctuates during the day, being highest first thing in the morning, so that might account for the change in TSH results. Have a look at the Thyroid symptoms check list. If you have quite a few of them then taking thyroxine is a good move. You would probably only need a very small dose. It works for about 80% of people without any problems, although if you read this forum you wouldn't think so because most of the people here fall into the 'other 20%' category.

Above all, don't worry or be upset. You have achieved a lot in coming this far and you are moving forwards. If your thyroid is slightly underactive at the moment and needs some support it could just be a transitional thing as you recover. Once your body gets back to normal, and you start to have periods again, you might find that the rest of your hormones recover too. If not, then knowing you have an underactive thyroid will probably save you from being classed as depressed and prescribed anti-depressants unnecessarily. Also if you ever want to start a family it's good to have this on your notes because people with underactive thyroids sometimes have miscarriages.


thank you, i am seeing my nutritionist tomorrow

but i am only only taking primrose, multi vitamin and omega 3 oil from today

the only symptoms i had was i would get a little tired in the afternoons but nothing serious, i am a small size and have not had any un-needed weight gain (other than when it was necessary!!) but i am maintaining my healthy weight!!

my moods have been a little off but this is usual as i'm overcoming an ED which brings up alot of stored emotions!!

no periods = low hormones, too much iron, calcium and overdoses of other vitamins and minerals and ALOT of stress can affect thyroid so i'm resolving the above

*** ALSO MORE IMPORTANTLY i have a really really bad cold at the moment - my throat is red raw, my nose is blocked and stuffy, i have phlegm, and when i blow my nose it is green (sorry about that!!!)

i had the on set of it when i got my bloods taken, would this affect it ???? ***


hi guys i am pretty sure i know what has happened

i have a virus - which i stated in the above comment

secondly, i think the amount of vitamins and minerals pills, calcium and iron tablets weren't helping !!!

do you think this is the problem ???

i feel so relieved but i will go back in 6-8 weeks to make sure :)


If you have an antibodies test it should tell you if you have an autoimmune condition affecting your thyroid.

Can I ask, do you know why you're so worried about it? Is it just because it is a health problem, or because some people here are unwell with uat or is there something else? What is your main fear about your thyroid? Is there anything you'd like to know more about to allay your worries? I feel for you with the terrible anxiety you seem to have about it. :-(

Sometimes the anxiety is worse than the thing you're worried about :-) but I accept that it isn't just as easy as saying "don't worry".

You've done very well to work through your ED - you should be proud of yourself.


i think its partly my personality - i worry A LOT!!

i value my health and i want to have a healthy body as i have been working hard to undo the damage

and i suppose having had an eating disorder - the thought to receiving a result about my thyroid implants a lot of 'ED thoughts' into my head which upsets me but i can handle it!!

it's mostly because i just want my life back, my health included

but ofcourse i jumped to conclusions without looking at all the facts

i do beleive this is the cause of it and my therapist has told me that my stress levels are through the roof, along with me being sick and all the other factors.

i'm sorry if i sound in anyway rude :(

i am so thankful for everyones support and help as yes, it has been very difficult!!

i am proud of myself for coming this far, i just don't want to be left with any permanent damage, a constant reminder!!

but i feel so much more relaxed now after hopefully figuring out the causes of why the results were as they were!!

thanks again xox


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