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I need some advice on vitamin D levels. My levels were 34 nmol when I checked a few weeks ago. I am taking pregnacare conception tablets and tey have 600 IU vitamin D in them, however, I have been taking these for a year and my levels are still low. My GP did not give me any extra vit D supp and she said I am taking the multi-vit , however, I feel I need more. I decided to start supplements 2-3 weeks ago with 1000 IU so that would be 1600 IU in total , I am thinking of doing this for about 6 weeks and then just taking the multi-vits. I read for pregnancy vit D is really important. I don't think the GP is always right as I have proved them wrong before so I would like to hear your stories and also does my level seem a little or very deficient? GP said it's slightly deficient....

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  • Orangepie,

    34nmol/L isn't deficient but it is very low, 75-100 is optimal. I would supplement 5,000iu daily and retest in 5-6 months.

  • Thanks clutter

  • Orangepie1 Is the Pregnacare prescribed? It looks as though it has 200mcg iodine in it and iodine is one of those things that we need to know our level to know if we need to supplement. Too much or too little both can cause problems. Also, the levels of vits and mins are very low, as is usually the case with Multi's and it's better to test and supplement deficiencies with decent doses where needed.

    I agree with Clutter about drastically increasing your dose of Vit D.

  • Thank you for your response. Yes they are quite low in the pregnacare pre conception tablets which is why I am taking extra. I will retest in a few months after I keep taking vit D.


    Lots of information there on the website above about VitD research in pregnancy :-)

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