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Various on Vit D, ferritin, thyroxine

I've recently had results of Vit D 173, ferritin 10 and TSH 0.5, FT4 22.6, FT3 3.0

I had an iron infusion on Tuesday. Endo (& resp cons) have both said continue with Vit D (at 7500iu/day) and are asking GP to prescribe Vit D only capsules (I can't tolerate calcium)(I've been purchasing my own so far), and endo is recommending reduding T4 to 50mcg/day (currently 75mcg) but adding in 10mcg T3.

I'm reasonably happy with these suggestions at present. Does anyone have any observations/advice to offer?

I am wondering what the relationships are between ferritin (HB was fine), vit D and thyroid. Are there causal relationships? If so, which is chicken and which is egg?

Should I expect adjusting the thyroid meds to correct the low ferritin? Should I expect to constantly need occasional iron infusions?

etc etc etc

All 'expert' advice gratefully received.

I also have Sjogren's and Hughes.

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Do you know your range for your vitd, as this seems very high?

Your endo sounds a good one, especially if he is prescribing T3. I wonder if you would kindly email Louise at the main thyroiduk website and give her his details so that she can add him on to the "thyroid friendly" doctor list.

Here is a link that explains the relationship between thyroid medication and iron. You can't adjust your thyroid meds to correct your low iron but you might have to adjust your meds once your ferritin levels have increased as you body will be able to use your meds a lot better - I had a ferritin level of 9 and found the higher it increased the more I had to reduce my levo as my body was able to process the levo better.

Have a good look around the site as it has some very useful info.

Moggie x


This is a really helpful article, I am taking it to my GP next time.


Here is Louise's email address.

Moggie x


Agree with Moggie that vitD looks high. 173 is high in optimal range & 7,500iu daily will quickly raise it. >250 is possible toxicity.

Take your ferritin with 500mg-1000mg vitC to aid absorption and take it 4 hours away from your thyroid meds.

Have your B12 and folate been tested? These are often deficient or low in range in hypothyroid patients.

Hang on to your Endo, s/he sounds terrific. It can be the very devil getting T3 prescribed.


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