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Test results normal - what next?


I've just stumbled over this site and hoping you can all help. I've suspected i've had an underactive Thyroid for a long time however the doctor keeps saying i'm normal. My last results were as follows

Free T4 - 15.7 (9-24)

TSH - 2.04 (0.3-6)

Ferritin - 79.0 (12-300)

Vitamin B12 - 568.0 (211-900)

I have PCOS and after the above tests i was given iron tablets however its been 6 months and i'm still as tired as ever, still gaining weight, still cold all the time, itchy, dry skin, memory problems, the works. I'm sure its my Thyroid but how do i convince my doctor.

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When were those thyroid tests done. Your symptoms are hypothyroid.

I'd go back to the GP and ask to be retested (if they were also 6 mths ago) and ask for a 3 month trial of levothyroxine.

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Also, make sure you have your blood tests as early in the day as possible, say 8 -.30am.

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I also have PCOS and my GP tried to put all my hypo symptoms down to this, (along with depression & M.E.) even though I knew there was more to it. All my thyroid test results over the years always came back "normal". After a long battle, and in spite of my GP, I my self-diagnosis of Hashimoto's was confirmed - if they had tested my thyroid antibodies and done an ultrasound sooner, then I might have been on the road to recovery more quickly.

There are studies that show that there is a link between PCOS and autoimmune thyroiditis. I'm sorry I haven't got links to specific studies to post, but if you do a search, I'm sure you'll find them. I would really consider asking your GP to test your thyroid antibodies. Maybe you could print off some of these if you feel your doctor will need to be convinced. I ended up asking my MP for support, which seemed to make people sit up and notice what I was (not unreasonably) asking for. I was only diagnosed after I insisted they test my antibodies and perform an ultrasound.

Good luck!

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Thanks JP, I will ask him on Monday to test my T3 and my antibodies as well as everything again as they results were six months ago and see what that comes back with. It is driving me crazy. If its not my PCOS they are blaming it on its my weight and I've been feeling bad for so long now and want an answer. Hopefully they will do as I ask and we can see what happens.



I too would insist on the Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg being tested along with the FT3. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos late 2005. The TFT's were in range but the ultrasound revealed nodes - anti-bodies were high and so a diagnosis was made. Hashimotos - Auto-immune thyroiditis is the most common of thyroid illnesses.....and as I also have Crohns I am aware that auto-immune issues start just there - in the gut ! It is a scandal that anti-body testing does not always happen if the TSH is in range. Insist politely and firmly. It would answer so many questions for you. I was not diagnosed until I was 59 - so it has taken time to heal and be well.

Do so hope you will soon feel better and stronger to continue the can be a bumpy journey but worth it in the end....


Here's another vote for antibodies getting tested. I had PCOS when I was younger, having children seems to have fixed that for me.You know your body and you know when you feel unwell. All the symptoms you are having must mean something, you just haven't found the reason yet. Your ferritin isn't too bad but it could be higher so carry on with your supplements too boost those numbers.

Have you had vitamin D tested? Some of those symptoms can be caused by vitamin D deficiency too.


well had doctors this morning and it did not go well. Doctor has thrown out all of my suggestions told me its all in my head and its because i'm overweight and all my problems will go away when I lose weight. He has referred me to a dietitian. He said all my test results were normal and he wont be recommending future blood results. Infact he told me that he doesn't know why I was even prescribed the iron tablets as i'm within the normal range even when i pointed out the test says at the top abnormal and recommends supplements on the test itself, he says they aren't needed so didn't give me my repeat prescription for these either. I give in :( :(


Don't give up! Could you possibly afford to have the antibody blood test done privately? I was also told that my tiredness was due to a 'non-physical reason' - in other words, they were telling me it was all in my head too. It was only because I insisted and persisted (probably to the point of annoying them!) that they finally did the antibody tests and they admitted I'd been right all along. Anyway, I hope you haven't completely given in and are making some progress.

(I found the link to the study I mentioned... )


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