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I've had a goitre for over 15 years now, its been tested a few times and has been classed as normal. However for the last 2 years I've been having on and off issues- weight gain even though I probably dont eat enough, (Im too scared to)! And exercise, tiredness, lack of motivation, mild depression, plus illnesses such as suspected gout, joint pain and frequent colds. Every time I've been to my GP I've been fobbed off! I've had blood work and have had raised CSR each time and last week I insisted on a thyroid test, my results were as follows: TSH 1.23 and T4 10.4, I was told this is normal?? However looking online I don't agree. I did call back and ask for ranges but the receptionist didn't seem clear, she mentioned 7-15 for the T4 but I can see no range comparable on here. I have to wait until next Monday for an appointment. Do you think I have an issue? c

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  • Anyone? x

  • You must ask for a copy of you results. You are entitled to them. Technically they are free but you may be asked a small sum to cover the cost of the ink and paper. Then repost your results. Its not easy for people to comment without them. Your symptoms sound very much that you are hypothyroid and if that range is correct for FT4 result that there is room for taking a trial of thyroxine. Have a look at the Thyroide UK site, loads of info, list of symptoms and information of other things that need to be up to spec-minerals and vitamins can be low if you have a thyroid problem. Not eating a lot won't necessary mean that you will lose weight. If the body thinks it is being starved it will hang onto everything it can to save for a rainy day and the 'saving' will show particularly around the abdomen and thighs. I am taking thyroxine but at the moment suspect I'm not converting the T4 into the active T3 so I've done my homework, started back on increasing the most needed vitamins etc and I'm slowly losing some weight and my body is better defined-less of a blob. Get your results and read about how to improve your lot and shout out if there's anything you don't understand or you don't know where to go next, we have all been there!

  • Hi

    I've managed to get a doctors appointment for this evening but really the doctor doesnt want to see me at all. I called back and asked for my ranges and the receptionist was a bit short with me but this is what I got

    TSH: 1.23 (range 0.2 - 5.5)

    T4: 10.4 PM OL (range 7 -16)

    So I guess based on these results I'm 'fine' except for all the symptoms and the fact that if I lived in another area the T4 range would put me at the bottom of the scale and the fact that I have a goitre which has got bigger but is ignored by my GP.

    I feel like I'm wasting their time.

  • Hi

    I suggest that you ask for your thyroid antibodies to be tested. I had a goiter for years and it really was a large one. No one would do anything about in until I started to choke. There was no internet info for me to access it was in the 80's .

    Also ask for a full blood count ferritin etc. to be checked.



  • FT4 could be higher. I would ask for an increase as a trial as still have symptoms etc. So annoying we have to fight for everything!

  • Thank you:)

  • Oh ffs. You have a goitre and thyroid symptoms. What on earth do these doctors think their job involves? I know the answer to that. There is a fundamental difference between what we expect of doctors and what they expect to offer. We (patients) want them to treat our symptoms and find their causes. They (doctors) are employed to meet targets. There is no target for treating thyroid symptoms and very little money (lowest funding points) for diagnosing them. It simply isn't worth their while. Depression, on the other hand, has loads of points - for diagnosis - it has none for finding and removing the underlying cause. (/rant)

    If your doctor continues to be totally useless, you can start to help yourself with over the counter supplements. I take Nutri thyroid on the advise of Dr P. It is a readily available supplement and doesn't require a prescription.

  • I agree totally! Earlier in the year I had a bad eye infection which just would not go- I had in both eyes. The doctor just kept giving me the same drops and eventually did a swab which said 'I should respond to what they had prescribed' so they refused to try anything else! I ended up going private and was diagnosed with a totally different infection which had got so bad I spend 2 months putting steroids in my eyes!

    This time I'm not being fobbed off or being forced to go private.

  • One question - why do the ranges vary depending on where you are?

  • Machines like this have to be calibrated and rechecked periodically so whatever standard the manufacturer works to I imagine that determines what is normal for that machine.

  • Just got back from the doctors and whilst he point blank refused to prescribe a trial he did agree to refer me to an endocrinologist and also for a scan. I guess I'm lucky in a sense because at least he didn't just tell me to go away!

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