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have i got a thyroid issue.over 3 years i have become more & more loss.doc saying i am i?

i have been suffering with issues that result in me sleeping for upto 18 hours a day loosing hair..aching joints..pain in my pelvic.

. i visited doctor requesting to be given medication to boost my energy & be fully checked.

he sent me for my requested tests and his requested test ie full blood count and vit d.

in aug 2014 he said my vit d was about 7 and gav me vit d tablets ; he said nothing about my sympyoms or pain.

second time i went for vit d tablets they refused me so i had a blood test and found out my results now 1.37 for vit d..and doctor has told me i dont need vit d tablets. im asian all my family have to take vit d. it helped me to not sleep 18hours a day to sleeping about 12 or 13 hours. i am still exhaused he said i am fine looking at my full blood count. but i am not fine. he tried to give me anti depressants because i said i am getting annoyed that my life is being wasted in bed and i cant do much as i am always tired. if i do 30minutes of hoovering i need an hour and a halfs nap before next activity or action. its rediculous.

i know my fatigue and hairloss on my head and extra gain in areas not common for women to have hair and pain in my left pelvic area where i have a cyst inside my overy are NOT normal .. i am upset with not being heard. i need to see someone else but i dont know who or how..

i am sure vit d 1.37 is very low. i have lost all my muscle tone weight i am about 6stone of just bone and flesh. i pushed for blood tests including vit d and testosterone.these are only things as a lay person i know of to get checked. doctors would not give me a copy of my blood results..i had to push for the following to be given to me and they said they wont do it again..:-( why?(is this legal)..

can anyone understand the below results since i was sent away as fit and well.

i hav high cholestrol 5.3mmol

b12 was high 1057

calcium 2.34mmol

folate 7.38 uh/l

they saying my throid is ok at 2.9mu/l

iron saturation 13.8%

eosinophil 0.5 10*9/L

lymphocyte 2.6

testosterone 1.5 nmol/l

vit d2 <5 nmol/L

please someone help

thank uuuu

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Hi Happy Christmas. I am assuming you are not on any meds.? And the figure you are giving is for TSH ?You also need T4 and Freee T3 tested, for a diagnosis. On line if GP cannot Always have a print out of any bloods with ranges, they differ at different labs, ask the receptionist, hospital secs..Vit D iss missing, crucial as hormonal, your calcium is OK so have a vit D test, and ask for Endo to treat it if low, via GP. Treatment normally for life, unless calcium goes over range.Retests for both on treatment. Diabetes, hormonal and autoimmune should be annually with thyroid problems. Your B12 is a little high I think depends on range. If so do not take any or feritin/iron. That is also highish.

If not happy with your Endo , find a better one and only then ask for a new referral Careful research and Louise also has a I find all my consultants myself by research and then I phone the secs and ask about treatment etc.Do not at this stage contact the Endo as, they do not know who you are, so do not like to put their

views on paper.

I hope that helps,


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Hi Mizzy, Did your doctor test your thyroid? It sounds like you have a thyroid issue to me, but I am no expert. It sounds, on the face of it, like you might be hypothyroid but as I am the opposite I am not an expert. Others on this site will be able to advise you better on hypothyroidism. I would however try and get your GP to carry out a full thyroid blood test, or if he won't do it, perhaps you could pay to have it done privately. Good luck and I hope others on this site can provide more info on your symptoms.

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Welcome to our forum Mizzyy

I am sorry you haven't yet been diagnosed with an illness. It is obvious that something is wrong as you have so many clinical symptoms.

When you post your blood test results, it is better if you also include the ranges as, unfortunately, labs throughout the country have different ranges for some unknown reason and it makes it easier for members to comment. If you have the ranges, you can edit your question.

Your GP has not done a full thyroid gland test, which includes T4. T3 would be good as well but they don't often do that if TSH is within range.

Is it possible for you to have a private consultation? If so email for a list of private doctors.

You need a full thyroid function blood test (details below) and you can get them done privately. It is a pin-prick test which is easy to do at home and you post your results. I think most seem to use Blue Horizon. I believe if you put a code you get a discount.

If you look on this page and at the left-hand side you will see there is lots of info under 'About the Thyroid'.

The last link 'interpretation' etc is self-explanatory.

Others will comment on your other blood test results but maybe not today as it is Christmas Day.

Best wishes

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Good Morning!!!!! lots of good advice here for you not be fobbed off easy they some (docs )do it ...push and get answers and proper checks for you ....Good Luck start the NEW YEAR to find help ...good luck .God Bless you ...Margaret xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi. Make an appointment with DR BARRY PEATFIELD. Good luck.


I have sent you a private message with the name of my endo. Hope you get help soon.


Good suggestions above....

The low Vitamin D is very worrying - this is very important for everyone especially those with a natural tan :) - in fact the NHS lab City Assays home testing was set up for the Asian community I believe, so it is a recognised problem.

I cannot advise and have no medical knowledge/qualifications but I supplement as I too was low (and daughter deficient) if I stop supplementing my joints/shins hurt. I take vitamin D3 drops in milk every morning - I have seen reports of folk even needing an infusion if you are that deficient. Best wishes Jane :D

Some info here - Role of Vitamin D Supplementation....


You need to go to another doctor, immediately.


Ditto ......................screams aneamia and hypothyroid to me


Have you tried vit d from the drug store. My vit d was low doctor gave me tabs for a month then told me to take 1000 iu daily. I hope you get to feeling better


Pleases please find another doctor immediately.

I was displaying the same symptoms as you, I was also a single mum trying to get through the days best I could. Whilst stupid ignorant drs telling me I was fine. After collapsing at work one day I knew something was wrong with me. I finally after seeing 5drs in my practise one listened and I finally got to see an endo. I was severely underactive, little did I know that the other pratts hadn't told me I was border line, and there fore shouldv been tested every 3mnths. I went for a further 2 yrs struggling to cope.

It's just not good enough, so keep on pushing for answers good luckxxxx


Hi Mizzyy,

I'm Debber. I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through this. You would think our doctors would listen to us as we know when our bodies are not right. I, too, had struggled for the last five years with thyroid issues and was also told to go on antidepressants (which just covers the issue up) and I refused the antidepressants and went to several doctors until I found a doctor who was a thyroid specialist. That is what I would suggest to you. I went through my hair coming out in clumps and was very devastating to me. I have long dark hair and my texture and everything had changed. My vit d was also low like yours. I was put on some levrothyroxin (sp ?) by an internist and I have to be honest with you I felt a little better but was still struggling. I went back to her and she asked if I wanted to go on antidepressants and I told her I wasn't crazy lol. I don't know why they want to medicate people like that when we know it's the thyroid that's doing this. I went to a different doctor, her name is Dr. Janet Smith, here in Mishawaka, Indiana and I have to tell you she has helped me so much. She, too, struggles with thyroid issues and knows what it's like. She has put me on a desecrated medicine that I buy out of Canada and I think there is a drug store here in town that might be able to make it for me. She has also put me on estrogen/progesterone crèmes and hormones and thyroid go hand and hand. She explained so much to me where my other doctors didn't. I came off the Levorthyroxin(sp?) as I had suffered more hair loss from that. I am doing a lot better and I am in my fourth month of taken my new medicine and the crèmes. I know my body is still leveling out as I had been years with this. I am heading down a good road now and I hope you soon will be on that road too. I'm so sorry that you're struggling with this, but it is not you. Keep going trying to find a doctor that will help you and understand fully what you are experiencing. Lots of love to You!!!!


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