New blood results, please decipher for me people ?

plasma glucose level 4.200mmol/l [3.0-7.80, Thyroid function test, serum free T4 level 26.000pmol/l [12.22 ], NB ft4 is lower in second [9.7 to 17.0 ] and third trimester of pregnancy [8.4 to 15.6 ]. Serum TSH level 0.11mu/l [0.4 -4.0 ]. Also had Liver function test, Serum total bilirubin level 7.000umol/ <20, Serum ALT Level 12.000iu/L <33, Serum alkaline phosphatase 60.000iu/L [35-105 ], Serum total protein 65.000g/L [60-80] Serum albumin 46.000g/L [35 - 50 ] Serum globulin 19.000/L [20 - 37 ] Serum electrolytes, Serum Sodium 141.ooommol/L [133 - 146 ] Serum potassium 4.400mmol/L [3.5 - 5.3 ] Serum creatinine 60.000umol/L [44 - 80 ] There is more but will have to write another blog for those, but any help on these results appreciated, as don't understand them at all, the doctor was supposed to ring me so the receponist said, but still no phone call.

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  • Hi LFT`s ( liver function), U`s and E`s ( kidney) are fine. Except your sodium ( salt) is a little high, personally and as my good consultants always say, I would reduce salt consumption considerably. Glucose good. If you think you have a thyroid problem try to get anther test, TSH, T4 and Free T3.There is a condition in pregnancy where you can go Hypo, nothing to worry about but of course, far from ideal.,It sounds as if you are being taken well care of.

    Best wishes,


  • Jackie, can I ask you about your comment on Sodium. How is a reading of 141, which is about in the middle, be considered high? Sodium has a fairly narrow range. Mine is 140 on the same range so you have left me with a bit of a worry. What is 'reduce considerably' - to what - and how does 'your good consultants' come to the conclusion that bang in the middle if way too high. Thanks,

  • Hi Sodium range is normally about 133 - 146, lower at some Labs.It is important to have in range but should only be just in range. It is an elctrolyte. Also salt you eat, which everyone know is bad if over used, does not actually have a direct influence on the sodium test. High salt clogs the arteries, but more importantly has been known for many years to influence BP ( make it higher). Also cardiac and renal consultants always say none, I have had lots of them over the years.If sodium low, below range, bad too, low BP, and cramps.

    I hope that clarifies it.

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  • Not really, sorry. My labs range is 135-145 and I am 140. It does rather beg the question as to why the range woundn't be reduced if someone in the middle is considered 'over-range'. If salt you eat doesn't have a direct influence on the sodium test, why would you need to reduce salt intake if your reading is over 135? If sodium should be only just in range, it doesn't give you much leeway before you are under range.

    Sorry, I am probably being a bit thick here, my apologies.


  • HI MY sodium is under range which is dangerous. However, both my cardiologist and Nephrologist ( kidney) says that I must not have salt and if I do it would not help the sodium level. However, because I have severe heart failure, now, I find I do need a little salt, just added at the table or my BP is even lower. That is a generally held view, indeed a lot of hospital cardiac units will not allow patients to have any salt when in patients.Even years ago it was considered bad to take much.Blood tests only measure the blood, not what is in the cells, so it is normally considered with U`s and E`s ( kidney function) especially that taking anything that may alter the balance is only advisable as a vital necessity. I am only sayfng that it would be better to take a little less and see if it helps as an electrolyte. You asked for comments about your blood results and as I put, that was the only thing slightly out with medical views. It would not, at that result, account for feeling ill etc.

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  • Hi Jackie, thank you. I really do understand where you are coming from on the salt issue especially if you are under a cardiologist and have heart issues. I wasn't trying to question your treatment just to understand why a middle of range sodium was not okay.

    It is my understanding that sodium is not only an electrolyte but also a mineral and this along with potassium, which need to be in balance, controls the fluid in and out of the cells. Sweating, too much or too little fluid into the body will alter the levels, so I don't know how this could be replenished with a zero intake of salt. I have grown up with the idea that too much salt is bad for you and have kept my intake to a minimum (none on food etc). However, I do not have any heart issues and can only hope that a mid-range is fine for me. Thank you for your perseverence, its an interesting subject and I hope all is going well for you. Jan x

  • Im not pregnant, I don't know why the result mentions this, hence not understanding the results, very confused and this time not due to brain fog. But thank you Jackie for your reply,

  • The result mentions this for a very simple reason. The lab does not know whether or not you are pregnant. So they simply put a standard bit of information which is available to consider or to ignore depending on the patient.

    They might even put that text on the results from males.

    It is often better to put all the information together when asking a question - rather than putting some into one question and some into another. Splitting it makes it very much harder to make a sensible interpretation.


  • Thank you Rod, there were so many results I didn't think id get fit them all into one question, but thanks for the reply.

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