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Hi Peeps,

I was finally diagnosed Hypothyroid last January.

I had been arguing that I had all the symptoms for a good few years!

Nothing was done as my bloods were 'normal'

Tired, depressed, losing my hair/eyebrows/lashes, overweight but can't lose it even if I starve myself! However after having an accident at work last October resulting in a badly broken arm, I was sent for a Dexa scan due to my age and being past menopause (which also was undiagnosed for years due to 'normal' bloods!) The blood tests prior to the scan finally showed up my underactive thyroid!

I don't know what my blood values are I don't actually even know what they should be? but my GP started me on Levothyroxin at 25 then its gradually been increased to 100. I was feeling a bit better, slightly less exhausted but still down about everything else.

Now this last week I have started having panic attacks, I feel awful from them apart from still being tired, depressed, and still worrying about my hair when I look in the mirror!

I saw another GP yesterday who said my bloods that were taken the previous day were still under if anything so the panic attacks couldn't be due to my thyroid as this only happens with overactive, gave me a leaflet on panic attacks and told me to see my usual GP at my next appointment!

I have problems at work with getting so overheated I sweat so much and look like a tomato its embarrassing, this was blamed on the menopause originally, HRT gave me migraines, so I have Clonidine to help, they were working by stopping me going bright red and sweating so much but they seem less effective recently? I have to take Omeprazole so my meds don't upset me, also Citalopram antidepressants to even out my moods(?) Adcal D3 for my Vitamin D deficiency, Levo, Aspirin, Multi Vitamins, and painkillers for my joint pain which I now also believe to be due to my thyroid or a side effect from the Adcal?? I don't know for sure what to blame my depression on? Having to throw my cheating ex partner out last September just before my accident and the fact that my employers denied responsibility for my accident and have done nothing to ensure it doesn't happen again hasn't helped a lot so you can see I have enough reasons to be depressed without the thyroid throwing in its two pen'orth!

I found so many of you on here were telling my story! Having thought I was going mad, I now feel a bit more normal.

I am hoping to go the the conference at Edinburgh next saturday (if I feel well enough) so I hope to gleen more insight into the mysterious underactive thyroid!!

Thanks to everybody!

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I suspect that shock & trauma cause the thyroid to throw a hissy fit. My symptoms started after a car crash & two bereavements in a 6 week period.

I suggest you keep a daily diary of how you're feeling & the dose you're taking & you'll be able to tweak your meds according to how you feel.

If you're hot, sweaty & having palpitations it sounds like you're over medicated. Try dropping your dose a little & see if the panic attacks subside. It may take a couple of weeks to feel the difference.

Without your TSH, FT4 & FT3 plus the lab ranges there's not much help anyone can give you. Your entitled to these results so ask the practice receptionist to print them off. Good idea to do this every time your blood's drawn to keep track.


Agree with clutter it sounds as if you are taking too much other medication on top of thyroxine so try cutting down and see if your body responds better. Always get your blood test results you are entitled to a copy, and try and ensure they do them all many doctors including mine only do TSH half the time and as you say fond of insisting you are normal. I've found over the years you have to really stand up for yourself with doctors or you get nowhere. I find being hypothyroid you have a constant battle to stay well so stay strong you are obviously going through a bad patch at the moment but hopefully things will get better. p.s. My hair has also gone very thin since it started falling out so I bought two human hair piece toppers that you fix on top of your own hair with little clips, done in a few seconds and looks like very natural just like your own hair a real confidence boost would highly recommend.

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Have you considered the possibility that you might also have adrenal problems. There's a good questionnaire here

Have you read Dr P's book "Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy" or Janee bowthorpe's book "Stop the thyroid madness". It's possible that T4 only doesn't really suit you. I take Nutri thyroid along with my T4 as well as a high level of adrenal support.

Can you afford the 24hr adrenal test from Genova? It costs around £65 I think. It's a saliva test which you do 4 times a day.

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Re adrenal test I got a saliva test on NHS after reading NBobs info and how he got this with Southampton Uni Hospital. The local clinic to me said no at first to my doctor and then I called them and had a few words until they relented. Also I refused to go on HRT suggested by a private doc who diagnosed ME -HA! I disovered bio- hormones produced by Serenity and are excellent: this was suggested by Dr P thank goodness for him.

I've had some really foul syntoms and thought I was going insane. Pre my visit to Dr P I did a saliva test with Genova and the 'reader' of the reults and you'll need one to interpret said my adrenals were extremely fatigued. This was some time ago. I did a 24 hr urinary test with Dr P and that came back as me being slightly hypothryroid but mainly adrenal;.

All the best Samfalulu.

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I am so sad to read about your health ..some Doctors do not know enough about the subject I go too this conference I do not know what it is I am guessing it is about thyroids will get some understanding and meet others I am sure is very frustrating for you ..stress/worry does not help at all strong ..they have peremiters they keep too in the labs and that is why they just say Normal without being more clear is complex ....

.Good Luck I wish you Better health and you will get inspiration from people on here to share it with ,......Margaret

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LozzA59 have you tried intermittent fasting it helps to get your insulin up and running which could be a problem

it means you eat for 7-8 hours a day only the rest of the time drink water or sugar free drinks but make sure they are sugar free ,this helps me i have breakfast at 11am dinner between 11.30 /12 , i have a snack at 3pm and my tea at 6pm then i have fruit or another snack between half 6 and 7 i have nothing else .

the panic attacks you get try to think of something really nice /put music on ,or do something that makes you relax and you will be able to realize you can breath no matter what.

Find out what your b12 and vitamin levels are take a b12 supplement ,b6 and vitamin D if needed ,please look after yourself and you will start to feel better if you take time out for yourself


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