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I'm new to this so will try to make it clear. After a bad few years last year I finally had a parathyroid tumour removed

After many weeks after started to improve until a few months ago so I went back to doctors, only to find them very unsympathetic and they finally did blood tests which were, TSH 0.95, T3 3.66, Vitamin d 38, ferritin 7. Anyway they said they were normal and that's it, only then I got a letter from hospital getting me in urgently for all the endoscopy tests, which fortunately were clear and they said they couldn't find a surgical reason for my anemia so will refer me to a clinic, which I'm still waiting an appointment for. This shocked me, surely the doctor would of told me if I was anemic! I feel very much my thyroid is not right, e.g. Depression, exhaustion, toilet problems, wind, pains in my stomach and hips, hungry all the time but when I eat I feel sick.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!


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  • D3 is severly depleted. When i had ferritin of 8 i was given 3 immediate consecutive blood transfusions

  • I don't know then lol I'm taking iron pills myself but they don't seem to be working been taking them for 3 weeks and I did take vitamin d but they didn't work and made me worse, guess I should hear soon but in meantime unsure what to take if anything lol

  • What are your calcium and pth levels post surgery ? It is highly possible you have another tumour causing your symptoms.

    We have a few members on our parathyroid forum who have continued to have problems with high calcium and pth after surgery and are now looking at further surgery to remove adenomas.

  • My calcium was normal range and so was my PTH but my TSH is normal but lowish and my free T3 normal but highish but apparently I'm anemic but unsure which anemia it is

  • No sorry that's what they are now 1 year later but after surgery they were very low, don't remember them checking my PTH post surgery but I was hypo for a few weeks after surgery

  • Are those calcium and pth results recent ? If not do keep another tumour in mind as we are finding quite a few people go on to have more para problems after surgery, also thyroid problems either start or become unstable.

  • Our posts crossed !

  • Results vary, some normal some borderline. Do you have your calcium and pth results as they may be "normal and in range" but may be inappropriately high. Your symptoms could be thyroid but could also be parathyroid and that would be my first suspicion having had recent surgery. If you want to run it by our para members you can find us at


  • Thank u I will

  • Jane, I am sorry you are having an extremely rough time. To be left out on a limb is awful - if you cannot ask doctors what's going on or why you don't feel good after an operation, who are you expected to go to! Obviously, from most of the posts if seems to be 'anyone but a doctor'.

    I am not all that good at blood tests but your Vitamin D is extremely low too at 38 and the recommendation is 70 is good. If you supplement with Vitamin D it has to be D3 and not D2.

    Can you phone the surgeon who did the parathyroid op? and leave a message with his secretary.

  • I tried but they won't do anything unless I go back to my doctor

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