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A naturopath told me I was hypothyroid 10 years before the 'tests' showed it!

The title says it all really. I saw an osteopath for a while for my neck and back pain. She was also a qualified medical doctor and naturopath. I asked her about my swollen, mottled hands and she had a good look and then told me she thought it was thyroid related. I explained I'd been tested and she just shrugged and said that the tests were not very good.

Ten years later, diagnosed with CFS/ME and fibro as well as depression and my thyroid tests finally went outside of the 'normal' range. I had a great endocrinologist in Brighton who put me straight on T4 and T3 and was happy for me to be over-replaced. For a while, I felt so much better. Then I moved and my current health authority doesn't have T3 on it's local formulary. It took going to my GP and slapping a pile of research papers down on his desk for him to finally give me back the T3. It has helped a lot.

I'm still not great and again suffering CFS/fibro symptoms. Two years ago, my GP told me that when my latest full blood count results came back, the haematologist had recommended B12. I was put on pills but I still feel rough.

Unfortunately these issues have had to take a back seat recently as I've been through a year of having breast cancer treatment (all good so far!) and a herniated disc for which I may require surgery.

Thanks to this forum I feel I now have enough information to ask my GP for a trial of B12 injections. I know they are not expensive so don't see why he can't do it. I'll probably have to go down the research papers route again but I have to try.

What doctors don't seem to realise is that we can't just accept what they say when we have seen evidence to the contrary. The older GP at my practise absolutely hates the fact that patients can now read the research for themselves on the internet.

I just can't give up on me - I'm all I've got! ;)


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.....sorry to read of your challenging time. Have you read about VitD and it's role in all sorts of cancers and health in general ? and the video by Carole Bagley on that site.

It would be helpful for us to suggest ideas if you were able to post your Thyroid Blood results and ranges - also your B12. I'm sure others will advise you that having B12 VitD Ferritin Folates and Iron at the top of their ranges too.

Please keep us posted and keep battling - we are here to support you.......


Thanks Marz. for your useful and hope giving response. I have very uncooperative GPs. I have asked for a vit D test and been turned down. However I won't give up and have an appointment in 2 weeks when I will ask again. I'm now in central Scotland and for 3 months of the year at least we have days that average only 7-8 hours. I think I would be a bit odd if I was getting enough vit D. I have a great light box but it's an older model which uses so much electricity - I can't afford to use it!

In addition, as a result of their refusal to cooperate on reports for ESA etc, I am in the process of submitting a request to view my notes and copy what will be useful. They have been very obstructive with this even though I've made it clear I want access. However, I broke through their wall of ignorance today and hope to get access to my notes in at most 40 days.

As soon as I am get my next TFT results and ranges I will post them here. I'd be thrilled for any help or suggestions.

Best wishes.


Reply can do it by post with a hospital in Birmingham for 25 GBP's...the VitD that is. Ranges needed are close to the top - around 60/70 if you are unwell. GP's seem content if you just make the bottom of the range. Check out VitD in the ' see more tags ' on the right of this page......also try reading up on the Vitamin D Council website.

Good luck with obtaining your notes.........


Will consider the private test as £25 isn't bad. I didn't know about the Vit D Council website so will definitely check that out.

Thanks again



As Dr. Derry observed the TSH test can take years to catch up to the clinical presentation of symptoms. It is a never ending battle on both sides of the pond to get doctors to pay attention to the patient and 'think'. PR


It would be lovely to make these Drs skin turn into neon stripes everytime they misdiagnosed, fobbed off etc. Then they'd realise everybody would see it and have no confidence in their medical ability. Then theyd actually listen and do.

Like you I had a missed thyroid test proving I was underactive and needed thyroxine over 10 years. At least my old GP had the grace to apologise that it was not made aware to my new GP when I moved. It wasnt my old GPs's fault but my current one who didnt ' notice it' until i told her my daughter was now underative and my old GP told my daughter to talk tome about thyroine seeing as i was on it.

Amazing how a test can suddenly be pulled out and oh yes here it is.


Thanks folks. I'm going to post a joke from fb - hope it doesn't get taken down or I get kicked off the forum.

It just so fits with what ravenhex said.



Sorry, I can't get it to upload as I'm too foggy.

It's a cartoon of bugs bunny (with a slight change by me) saying.

"If only some doctors wore electric 'bark stop' dog collars that went off everytime they tried to feed us BS".

I've you're on fb the original will probably come round. Or maybe you've all seen it!

Dearest Admins, I hope this doesn't break the rules - just trying to lighten up my original blog. Obviously delete it if you need to but please don'g kick me off of the forum. It's a lifeline for me!



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