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It appears I'm the picture of health!

Further to my post the other day, I have now been back to the surgery to obtain test results - this time seeing another GP.

Frustratingly, the other GP who ordered the tests only asked for TSH and not T4 (it was supposed to be a comparison with the other thyroid tests done at B'ham QE hospital) so I'm far from pleased.

Anyway, upshot is:

TSH - 2.47 (0.35 - 6.00)

B12 - 878 (191- 663, so off the range!)

Folate - 5.6 (4.6 - 18.7)

Ferritin - 90 (15 - 350)

FSH - 81 (26 - 135 postmenopausal)

Glucose - 4.4 (not sure what that means - the test was non-fasting)

GP's conclusion:

It's the menopause (here we go again...).

The weight gain (7IB in 7 weeks) is not significant. Could be to do with fluid retention (again he cited the menopause).

My basal temperature is, quote, normal (since taking my temp, it has been: 36; 35.8; 35.7; 36.3 (headache and beginning of viral infection); 35.9; 36.1; 36.1; 35.8; 36; 35.9 (have had viral infection for past week so needs to be taken into account).

However, my BP is high: 141 / 95 and has been consistently high over the past year so I'm having to check and monitor it for the next two weeks and if it continues to be high I'll need to be on medication.

The doctor was *very* suspicious - and somewhat aggressive - when I told him I was taking my temperature and especially when I asked for the printout of results. I left the surgery feeling as though I'd been a naughty girl!

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what a prat your gp is. and unfortunately the usual attitude of blame it on anything else other than the real reason or culprit ( the thyroid conspiracy ). no doubt you are in for various sticking plasters being applied to conditions which will have to be treated and end up like most thyroid sufferers. good luck in your quest for the right treatment for your condition that you are suffering from. love and prayers xxxxxxxxxxx


Your ferritin and folate could be higher. If your doctor resolutely refuses to help you, consider using spatone water or iron tablets from a health store to improve your ferritin level. Folic acid, I think, you can buy in chemists. Then, for your thyroid, you can try nutri-thyroid. I take 2 a day, as suggested by Dr P. I strongly suggest you read his book, too "Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy". If all else fails, don't despair, because you CAN help yourself with legitimately available supplements. It's what I do.


Hi - I'm sorry it's taken an age to respond. I'll be seeing another GP soon so will raise the situation with her and ask why the T4 wasn't tested after being assured that it would be.

Interestingly, I've been monitoring my blood pressure, as requested, and found that it is consistently normal (though the diastolic is a little on the high side but below 90). The most startling result is my pulse rate which has ranged from 51 to 55 bpm first thing in the morning (and my temperature is still hovering in the mid to late 35 or 36 at the most). Dr Myhill states that a slow pulse rate is a strong indicator of hypothyroidism as well as low temp.

I'll be ordering Dr Peatfield's book soon as I suspect the GP won't be taking these indicators into account.


I have experienced exactly the same - persevere and read my profile. They really do get upset if you know a little let alone 'too much.' My doc asked why I might be taking my temp...? Good luck and persevere.

Also I am told it not the GP (I have asked and asked for the T3 T4 to be included in tests) it;s the labs. If the TSH is within the norm (despite how you feel!) t they don't do any others. :( this needs changing!


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