Nutri Adrenal Extra - advice please?

I started taking these 10 days ago. I've slowly increased to 2 a day. 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch.

How long generally until you noticed any improvement on them? Is it v quickly or accumulative over a long period?

If I was to increase them again in the coming weeks, should I continue to split them between 2 doses?

I'm doing my temps & pulses & keeping track. My temp is @35.9-36.1 at night & 36.1-36.3 in the morning. This morning was 36.4 (best yet - coincidence??). What is a normal temp?

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  • I can not answer all the questions but took me about two weeks to see an improvement. I used to take two a day to

  • The NHS says that a normal temperature is around 37C (98.6F), although it depends on:

    The person

    Their age

    What they've been doing

    The time of day

    Which part of the body you take the temperature from

    It is generally accepted that normal body temperature ranges between 36.1C (97F) to 37.2C (99F).

    You should always follow the recommenders daily dose as this may interfer with other medication that you may be currently taking.

    Takke care xxx

  • Thank you.

    Are you still taking them Brubru? What improvements did you notice if you don't mind me asking? Were they fairly subtle or pretty obvious improvements?

  • I've taken it for about nine months. It was a gradual improvement. Body temperature anxiety were the ones I noticed more. But also helped with my periods. I stopped after that time because I was supplementing with the vitamins people talk about here and I'm overall much better than when I first came to this site. Still long way to go though :-)

  • AS a nurse in training during the mid-70s, we were always told that a normal temperature was anything between 36.1 and 37. A 'temperature' (i.e. higher than normal) started at 37 and turned into a fever at 40.

  • Hi Zephyrbear - that's interesting 36.1 - 37C. Were you ever told anything about 'abnormal temps', say 34.5 C or even 35.5C? I'd be really interested to know due to my having these temps a lot of the year.

  • Those temperatures normally indicated a degree of hypothermia and needed reporting. After that various other clinicians took over, my job of reporting anything out of the ordinary having been done.

  • Thank you, yes it is indeed mild hypothermia - with associated symptoms [such as stumbling and some confusion, like 'punch drunk']... sadly, when I tell docs this, their eyes roll! My husband even takes temp for me, using a properly shaken down mercury thermometer - 'calibrated' with my digital ones... everything seems to hinge on my low temperature. Summer is generally, not always, fine. One day :-)

  • One day doctors may get a little more tuition in conditions such as ours instead of just going along with the 'somatoform' attitude... I guess we have to live in hope, but unless there is some huge breakthrough I don't think it will happen in my lifetime because the BTA/BTF mantra is too enshrined in the establishment. :-(

  • Oh I throw the 'somatoform' right back at them... offered to take any test, see anyone... this is physical-hormonal! One day the public will take no more:[parents of someone I know are having to source their own cannabis to make oil for cancer treatment - can't use chemo, had heart attack immediately on being given so won't have any more - the success results of cannabis oil may not be 'proven' but the effects of chemo on this man... with a less than 50:50 chance!]. There are many [old] treatments that work... prejudice, Big Pharma, NICE and all of those mantras sometimes prevent people from getting well. I have recently said to a doc that 'hypothyroidism will surely go down as one of the most scurrilous scabs on medicine', especially given that it started its history so well by great pioneers!

  • Hello Scorchio,

    I tried NAX when consulting with Dr P but they did not agree with me....

    However. .. many members have benefited from NAX and Dr P told me he has taken them himself every day for years and will continue to do so .... for life..!

    I think if NAX is suited to you .. a long term commitment is more beneficial than stopping and starting..... and of course it is difficult to say how successful they are because you won't know how bad you might have felt without them.. ! !

    I think the total daily amount split into two doses is sufficient.


  • I take 2 a day and have done for about 8 months now. My daughters take them too. The difference is very gradual but we are all much better on them. My youngest daughter seems to be unable to tolerate more than 1 a day though anymore makes her very sleepy. You have to increase the dose very slowly, certainly don't go onto 3 a day for a while.

    Hope that helps. And good luck!

  • You might find this link helpful. Basically a temp below the normal of 37 can mean that you're still hypo and that doing DATs will let you know if your adrenals are happy.

    I also tried NAX as my integrative doctor recommended them but they seemed too strong for me. They have 200mg of adrenal concentrate so can add adrenaline to your system (I already had palps and anxiety so this didn't help) so I changed to Thorne adrenal cortex that has 50mg of cortex only so no adrenaline. Only a couple of weeks in but feeling an improvement.

  • Hi nikki

    I've just read this thread and I too have a bad reaction to any stimulants or that type of thing due to vertigo, can I ask what your taking instead, the Thorne adrenal cortex? How has this helped, I'm debating trying!!!

    Thanks Natalie

  • Hi Natalie. Yes, I'm on the Thorne adrenal cortex as it was recommended on another group. I think the mix of full gland in the NAX along with the B vitamins was a bit much for me. Lots of anxiety, leg jiggling and palpitation. My Genova saliva test showed my cortisol was low, low, very low and high so I take 2 ACE in the moending, 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner and the palps have stopped and the leg jiggling and anxiety have really lessened. I did try to increase to the recommended protocol of 3,2,1 but the palps returned so I'm staying low for a while while I do my dats. Good luck if you decide to try them. 😊 (have you done a saliva test?)

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