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Low body temperature

Since I got my blood tests with high TSH levels I’ve been tracking my basal body temperature each morning. My sleep is so disturbed due to disregulated temperature (feel hot to the point I’m drenched in sweat but quickly very cold).

I’ve only had 2 days in 10 where my temp has hit 36, mostly its low 35’s and this morning 35.1 the lowest ever.

I feel so drained and can barely think straight. I’m piling weight on by the day. I can’t get into my GP for another week.

I would welcome any observations or advice.

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My sympathy for you . Not feeling well is awful . It's hard to tell without lab results what tweaking you may need . Can you please post all your thyroid lab results with ranges and if you also have your vitamin "D" B-12 , Ferritin levels to . And one of our wonderful members will help you .

Wishing you better days ahead .

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Thanks I’ve uploaded my results to the original post.

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Poor sleep is awful to cope with as tiredness makes everything more difficult so I hope you get a solution. I’ve no idea whether it’s likely to be relevant to you (I don’t know your age or even if you’re female) but your symptoms of night sweats and normal temperature sounds like peri-menopause not thyroid related so if you’re female over 40 that’s probably worth investigating


Thank you



Sorry I have to disagree here.

Going off 4 temps per day is completely sound.

If you take an average and the difference is more than 0.4 then you have an adrenal issue too.

I went through the same experience a while ago. My diet is great vitamins good, absorbtion better but my temps never even hit 34. I was frozen and boiling in the night.

You need to aim for 36.50. If you’ve had full bloods done fairly recently then that’s helpful if you are taking t3 and t4 separately.

I switched to ndt and have never looked back. My temps are circa 36.3 and I took steps to adjust my adrenal issues. Again I swapped medication.

I know my body better- the night sweats are better- not a woman going through the change! Also I no longer wear 4 vests. I was on a decent dose of thyroxine with some t3.

Now I have a life- if you need any more help please ask. If you search Dr Rind there is a chart to follow.

The late Dr Lowe from New Zealand only ever did one first blood test then pulses and temps only. I am not saying go that far but it’s saved me money in private tests. My specialist is also v happy too.

Good luck


Thank you it’s so good to hear I’m not a freak! Do you self source your NDT or are you with a supportive endo? If so who because I will go private and travel anywhere to get better I’m that desperate? Thanks again x


Dear yogijunkieuk,

You are definetly not a freak. Many of us have this and feel your pain. I actually carry a cooler with ice paks (in my car). Without the ice packs this problem produces a lot of sweat. Yet, like you my temp is chronically low. I can be soaked, especially the core body parts and the sweat actually starts too sting if I get too hot. Howard39 mentions adrenal issues, I will mention it to my doctor.

Is this right? From what I read it sounds like you have underactive thyroid. (please correct me if I have this wrong) As for me, I have never been hypothyroid, in fact I had been the opposite; hyperthyroid. I am not on any medications for thyroid now as my thyroid is stable at the correct numbers; the chronic low body temp and crazy sweating persists. At night, I keep a fan on and during summer run the a/c to cool the room before bedtime. That helps me.

Let us all know if your specialists offers any solutions. I have googled it many times and the only thing I have ever found is nutritionists claim certain diets can help bring the body temp up to normal. This has not worked for me. Hopefully the two suggestions above will give you some relief. Good luck with your quest for a solution.


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Bless you Redeyes2, interesting that you are not/we’re not hypo. My problem is mainly cold, I actually put my electric blanket back on my bed last week as I’m so cold at night but I wake up drenched in sweat as though I’m hot. Right now I’m in my office shivering I’m that cold, I’ll be going home to bed soon I feel so unwell. I hope you too can find some solutions through the advice people post on here. I’ve read the Dr Rind material and I’m a bit of both but possibly majoring towards adrenal issues. Take care. Yogajunkieuk


Yes, I will check out Dr. Rind and the possibility of adrenal issues. Thanks and best wishes!



The best article written I’ve seen is by Sarah Myhill on wwwsarah Myhill .com and search under orchestra. The Dr Rind details are on their too.

It’s the route to optimal health and so useful- build strong foundations then address the adrenals and thyroid.She was a top endo for 18 years in nhs now private.

Yes I can buy ndt with a private prescription but it’s cheaper ( and better in quality for me to source it. A hassle mind.)

Have messaged you a link.

Best wishes.


Dr Sarah Myhill - A very helpful website lots of good advice


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