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What blood tests should I ask for?


Hi. Am currently trying to speak to a GP regarding a blood test - and failing, but that's another story!

Am currently on 125/150 levo very early am

I also take 1000mcg B12, 2000iu Vit D in the morning, plus actimel, and enalapril. Also a multi vit in the evening. Plus a glucosamine mix am and PM, and inhalers before bed.

I will try to ask for B12, Vit D, ferritin and folate tests - it should be OK as they were all tested last year except one (ferritin or folate, cannot remember)

A few weeks ago I had a broken tooth, this morning I broke another. Is this just a coincidence or something to do with calcium?

Should I be asking for any more tests if I can get anyone to talk to me?

Is the glucosamine a waste of time?

Should I be taking anything else?

Sorry, too many questions but any advice gratefully received.


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Carnation, you'll have to mention why you want blood tests. Do you have a lot of symptoms? Do you think you need change your dose? Are those two drugs pharmaceuticals? Why do you use an inhaler? I hope you are taking your vitamin as D3 with K2 which has to do with calcium distribution so maybe your tooth problem is involved with that.

If you are checking your thyroid, will they do a TSH, free T3 and free T4 test?

carnation in reply to Heloise

Hi sorry I should have said I have symptoms! Feeling tired, skin and eyes very dry, getting anxious etc. So suspecting a dose change needed. But also at last prescription request I was told to get a blood test. Form shredded as given out by Dr Overmedicated - if results go back to him he hasn't a clue!

Have been asthmatic since childhood. High BP (enalapril) since diagnosis of hypo about 20 yrs ago.

Glucosamine for dodgy knee!! Over the counter.

Did not know about K2!!

Should get T3 and T4 tested, that is usual.

Thanks for reply

Heloise in reply to carnation

I think high BP may be due to low thyroid, too. Here are the blood test results from STTM you should aim for: stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...

Don't get total T4 and T3 tests, get FREE T4 and FREE T3. If you have a high reading of fT4 and low fT3, you may have reverse T3 which means your treatment is ineffective even though you have a high dose.

Interesting that glucosamine was used by veterinarians on animals and found to be effective.... so I suppose it's useful if you have joint problems but if you are taking calcium supplements without K2 (lots in spinach) those deposits may be landing in joints instead of bones and teeth. This is rather new information at least to me in the last couple of years. Many companies sell a D3 with K2 included.

hi there carnation , i believe that the only way that you can the answers that you need is to request ALL thyroid tests to be carried out i.e. tsh/t3/t4/ferritin/folate /and all b.vits ..... this will give a correct perspective of your thyroid condition and may well point you to another direction for your current problems [ but may well rule out your thyroid --- or indeed rule it in so it can then be treated to the optimum for you ]... hope this may help ....LoL alan

Thanks for your reply. Will attempt contact with GP again today. They are so busy you know!!

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