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Just had Endo appointment and he has increase my levo, advice please, and other info


I saw an NHS Endo yesterday after been referred by my G.P. has she was concerned by my TSH 0.25 (range 0.35-5.00) Endo said he was not concerned by this, when I pointed out my T4 was only 12 (range 7.5-21) he said well you are in range I said in Dr. Tofts book he said T4 should be top of range and he rolled his eyes and laughed but he then said the range for T4 has recently been altered from bottom range been 10 to now the 7.5 He then said as I am still getting symptoms he would increase my levo to 150mcg from 100mcg. He said to go straight on the 150mcg but when I asked if it would be better to go to 125mcg first he said no as it takes time to increase in your blood so may as well take the 150 straight away. I think I would prefer to go to 125 for 3 or 4 weeks then 150. Can someone please advise if this would be the best way forward. Also whilst I was there I mentioned the importance that the vital vitamins had to be optimum and he just laughed and said you should get all your vits and minerals from a good diet, also he said if you take iron it can stop thyroxine from working which I replied, that's why you have to take it 4 hours apart at which he just laughed again.

He gave me a card to take to my G.P. for the blood tests to be taken before my next visit and only wrote TSH T4

I said aren't you going to test T3 he said there is not point because what shows in the blood is not always the same as what's in your cells (so why did he earlier say my T4 was in range from bloods and not mention what was in my cells then) any way he said alright if it makes you happier I will test for T3.

Another point I thought was interesting was he did say when he was at medical school all; patients were give 300mcg thyroxine before the ranges came in to which I replied so how were these ranges worked out and he said it was taken over the full population and 95% were in that range.

So getting back to my question whould it be best to increase to 125mcg first?

Many thanks browny

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I would do what makes you happier. If that's going up gradually by 25mcg then that's fine.

Your Endo does sound good and you showed that you too are informed.

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