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Endo appointment, please advise on this

Hi all

I was at last granted to see an Endo at the doctors this morning,!!!!!!! he was shocked I knew about ft3 etc and the importance of it converting and getting around all the cells. He checked up on medichecks on his computer as I took my blood test, I showed him my lack of half moons, viligi etc and told him none of that mattered to me only that I could think straight and consentrate properly once more and have normal energy to play with my grandson, enough said

I am hoping it is possible to pay for the first consultation as it would speed it up (I've analysed it and can deal with me my conscience ) , but would like ro be treated by NHS if at all possible?

Can anyone advise please if this is possible? And how if needed, to choose endo

Best wishes x

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It is quite difficult for Endocrinologists to now prescribe T3, due to the new guidelines that only levothyroxine is to be given. If you are in the UK and see a private Endocrinologist the cost of (in UK) is now prohibitive.

However, you can source your own T3 and begin with a low dose and gradually increase.

If you take levothyroxine already you should try to increase to an optimum dose. Sometimes too low a dose can backfire and we might feel worse. The usual starting dose is 50mcg with a 25mcg increase every six weeks until you are symptom free. If not then 10 or 12.5mcg of T3 can be added (UK is 20mcg and Abroad 25mcg).


Thankyou shows

But do I need levo? I'm so confused by all this, I'm on 12.5 I had high anx today and swimmy head as took 25 Of it last night,

My level of t4 good in bloods, and ft3 quite low, but as said, I feel the conversion And absorption a prob

I am in anxious state and can hardly concentrate, does this indicate needing t3

Where do you get this please safely?? Is thyroid s from Thailand ok, my son is on holiday there right now?


Ps. Do I need more t4 levo? Why might you feel worse , if my body is just crying out for 3.


Thanks clutter

Is it in order to ask this when enquiring or is it a bit presumptuous . (I'm desperate as my cognitive scaring me )

I know when in a scheme you can get your first consultation free, I'm not in scheme



Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists.

If you go private there is no guarantee the endo will switch you to his/her NHS list if s/he practices on the NHS too but you can ask.



I doubt I can choose endo if I go nhs? Or can I?



Should be able to choose who you see if you are in England.

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Some NHS enfos wont do private patients either and. An be good ones. Best look at the list and see if anyone is doable then ask if anyone has seen Dr X And ask for comments by private message only


Thankyou for reply, I really don't feel I can wait for months, my brain fatigue is scaring me and worry makes it worse, unsure how to navigate this as hope to pay for first consultation to speed up a bit


Hi again

I have emailed a few times and each one has bounced back with postmaster failed

Could it be because I am hotmail?? any thoughts much appreciated or is there another way to get the favoured endo list please?



Ps. I didn't use capital L for louise


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