Just had 1st endocrinologist appointment

Hi all it has been a few months since I posted on this forum my problem was my weight had suddenly dropped from 8 stone to 7 and half stone also still having hypo symptoms on 50 mcg including severe tiredness aches and pains and feeling unwell. My doctor was unsympathetic upped my dose to 75 mcg after consulting with an endocrinologist by email who didnt deem necessary to see me even though I said it made me unwell. Within a couple of weeks my symptoms got worse extreme dizziness and ached so much I felt sick. Had repeat bloods I fought to get T3 checked. My TSH was 0.35 T4 was 18.2 and T3 was 5 all within range. I went back to doctor and cried demanding to see an endocrinologist. as couldn't go on feeling like this. This time I was referred within a few weeks.

After reading the scare stories some of you had posted after visiting unsympathetic endocrinologists I wasn't going to build my hopes up. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise😊. His name is Professor Martin Weickhart endocrinologist at Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry. He shook my mind with a firm grip. He is very sympathetic and knows his stuff concerning thyroid problems and he doesn't go by TSH alone he looks beyond and would prescribe T3 if required he said I was converting well. I asked if he could test for antibodies he seemed surprised I hadn't had them done in 8 years and questioned why my dose of levothyroxine had been increased when not needed. He asked for bloods to be done all the normal plus antibodies bone parathyroid tissue transglutaminade free T3 free T4 vitamin d. If needed after results he will do scans possibly camera too. He seems to think thyroid is fluctuating between under and over just need to find out why. Big thanks to this forum for recommending antibody testing and Hashimoto I would not have been aware of doctors no next to nothing. Will post an update when get results back I have waited 8 years for this moment.

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So encouraging to hear about a good endo. If you've not already done so, please email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org and ask for him to be put on the list of good endos.

It would be wonderful if he could be cloned :)

Hi SeasideSusie

I havnt emailed Louise yet but will do this in a minute. I love this professor to bits already and I think he has written a book😊 I came out of the appointment in a daze cldnt believe he was so nice and that i wasnt wasting his time. He has given me 3 blood forms 1 of them for now and the other 2 for January and March for follow up bloods. I read the posts on here everyday and get upset when I read so many of us are made to feel we are wasting doctors and endos times. I live in Coventry so was easy for me to travel and he saw me free on NHS. if I hadn't had any luck with him I would have considered paying for private even though can't really afford it.

Can I just say that I like Prof. Weickert's comments here (scroll down) about the Stott study in subclinical hypothyroidism in older people: nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/N...

Hi Ityfialmatt

Thank you for sending that will read through shortly. I just did quick Googling and I think he was also involved in a big diabetes study with university in Coventry involving a big break through. After I had my appointment this morning I told him about Thyroid UK and I was going to ask for his name to go on the good endo list he smiled and seemed pleased.😊

Hi SeasideSusie

I have just emailed Louise with Professor Weickert details. he specialises in under and over active thyroids. He saw me on NHS

Ha. Soo jealous. I want that man!!! No really you gave dropped lucky, well done .xx☺☺☺☺☺

Hi Rmichelle

I havnt been so lucky with doctors 1 of them and 1 of the partners just taken over the surgery have been off with me and had me in tears it was only reluctantly I was referred and then was told he probably wouldnt see me as I was turned down last time they referred me. he must be good as his receptionist said he books up quick. I havery forwarded his details to Louise to put on the good endo list. Over the summer have been really poorly even though doctor kept saying nothing wrong and offered me antidepressants 😊😊. Have u had problems lens with endocrinologists

I live in Coventry and I saw him at Walsgrave hospItal as first time I saw him I don't know if he travels to different locations

RMichelle If I had no luck with him Iwould have considered using 1 off Thyroid UK good endo list. Thankfully I have now put Professor Weickert on that list for all to see😊

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