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When and how should I take my vitamin and mineral supplements so as not to interfere with my thyroxin?

Advice please :-) just a couple of questions!

1). I know not to take iron at same time as my levo (T4) as it reduces the effectiveness, but does the same rule apply to T3 too?

It was easy to achieve when I was on T4 only. (T4 at bed time and iron/vitamins etc in the morning.) Not sure when to take vitamins now as I take T3 first thing and T4 last thing!

Is it ok to take iron (and other vits/supplements) at the same time as T3?

2). Also I take various amounts of vitamins and minerals. I take them ALL at the same time in the morning. Is it ok to take them all together or do some work better on their own or should I take them ALL separate? I know iron works better with VitC. And magnesium with high doses of VitD3. Not sure if its ok to take them all together just like ONE BIG multi vitamin tablet!!!

Just for info I take - ferrous fumerate, VitC, VitB12, VitD3, magnesium, selenium, omega 3,6,9, HRT, and a antihistamine.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

Thanks Wendy

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Don't know about T3 I'm sure lots of people on here will advise you - I'm only on T4.

I take 2x my slow release 1 a day Vit C+zinc, my CoQ10, my 40mcg Carbimazole and my lisinopril for high blood pressure at the same time at least an hour after I take my levo.

Then usually a bit later on in the morning or maybe lunchtime - for no readon other than after the giant Vit C etc i cant be bothered swallowing any more pills- I eat half a dozen Brazil nuts and suck on my 5000mcg Sublingual B12 and have a quick spray of my Vit D and I take my A-Z multivitamin either at lunch time or more usually with my evening meal.

When my endo asked last week how I was taking my levo and carbimazole I told him and listed the vitamins I was taking at the same time and he was ok with that.


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Thanks liz :-) good to know I'm not the only one who takes things together. I would be pill popping every hour if I took everything separately:-) lol:-)!


Know what you mean. I sometimes think if I tripped I would rattle :-)

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You might find this useful, it tells you what drugs, supplements and food interact with iron:


Thanks hamster ?? interesting read. I may have mis-read but in one paragraph it said to take iron with food. Then the first line on the next paragraph it said to take iron on an empty stomach!!!!Confused.Com :-/ talks about T4 and iron but nothing about T3 and iron!

Thanks for responding. Wendy


I know, these things are never perfect! My understanding is it's absorbed better on an empty stomach, taken with some vit C (like orange juice). I tend to take mine inbetween dinner and bedtime, because I don't drink tea in the evening. Confused much ;-)

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Think I'm going to start taking T3 upon waking up on empty stomach with water (6am). Breakfast and HRT and antihistamine at 8.30-9am.

Lunch time (1-2pm) take Vitamins and supplements.

Evening meal 7-8pm and at (11pm-12am)

Bed time take my T4. Still a bit confused as to take iron and vitC separate from other vitamins etc ;-/ maybe I should take that at 4-5pm!!! Thanks for replies :-)


You should take supplements 4 hours after your thyroid gland medication in order not to interfere with the uptake of the hormone.


Is that for all thyroid medication? (T3 too)?

Thanks shaw :-)


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