Is it ok to take Iron and T3 together?

Is it ok to take iron supplements at the same time as taking T3?

I take T3 (Liothyronine) upon waking and early afternoon and T4 (levothyroxine) at bedtime. I'm finding it difficult to fit in a suitable time to take iron. I know not to take near T4, as it hinders the absorption/conversion into T3.

I was wondering???

T3 is already T3 (unlike T4 which converts to T3 after a couple of hours). Do I really need to take iron away from taking T3?

T3 is quickly absorbed and iron much slower. Does this mean it's safe to take them together when I take my morning dose on an empty stomach?

Hope this makes sense?

Thanks in advance


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No, it's not ok. It's not a question of conversion, it's the fact that thyroid hormone binds to iron. So, you don't get any benefit from either of them. Iron needs to be taken four hours away from thyroid hormone. And, in fact, shouldn't be taken with anything else except vit C.

Thankyou greygoose.

I was hoping you would comment as I knew you'd know about T3 and interactions with vits/minerals/food etc. πŸ‘πŸ»

You're welcome. :)

I am T3 only, but have found that the best thing is to take the T3 an hour before iron first thing in the morning. That way you have absorbed the T3 by the time you take the iron. (You may need to wake a little earlier to take T3, but then you can go back to sleep and wake for breakfast an hour later.)

If your iron levels are really bad then you should take the iron with VitC and B12 an hour before food (if you can manage that without feeling sick!). My ferritin was really low (17) so I made sure that I did that until my levels came up to 90, then I was able to take iron with breakfast but it took more than a year (I think).

I set my alarm for 5.30am, take T3. At 6.30am I take iron with Vit C and B12. Breakfast is at 7.30am when I take the rest of my vits (Vit D and K2 etc).

As I take a split dose of T3, I then take the next dose at 1pm and then at 7pm. If I was taking T4 I would then take that at bedtime.

(You would need to leave 4 hours after the iron to take another dose of T3 or T4.)

Hope you start to feel better soon.

Thanks PiggySue. This is why I'm asking the question. It's a real pain trying to remember to take thyroid meds away from iron/vits food etc. I'm afraid I often forget and miss my iron supplement because of timings of T3. It would be so much easier if they could be taken together. I guess I'm going to have to set alarm for early morning dose like you. Then take iron later with breakfast. Thanks for replying.

No, Wendy, you can't take iron with breakfast, either. Iron should be taken on its own away from everything else.

PiggySue That's not a good idea, 1hr is not enough!! Iron needs to be taken 4 hrs away from any thyroid hormone supplementation - May that be T3, Levo or NDT!

Amazon, PiggySue will not see this reply because you didn't click on the green 'Reply' button under her comment. So, she will not get notification of your comment.

But I wholeheartedly agree with you! It's not a good idea at all!

My apologies, I just noticed you mentioned her name, so she will get notification! My bad! Must have been a bit brain-fogged yesterday. :(

πŸ˜‚. We all suffer from dreaded brain fog at times. πŸ˜‰.

Please take iron 4 hours away from thyroid hormones and 2 hours away from everything else apart from vitamin C and water.

Iron is a horrid supplement to fit in as it interacts with everything and often causes bowel problems.

You can't take iron with breakfast or other food like @PiggySue suggests simply because calcium in things like milk, yoghurt and butter, tannins in things like tea and coffee and whole grain foods e.g. bread, cereals interact with it and decrease its absorption.

If you take your second dose T3 around 1pm and T4 at bedtime then there should be time between those to take a dose of iron before eating your evening meal at around 4pm. Fitting in one dose of iron you actually absorb most of is better than fitting in two that do nothing.

Thanks bluebug I see what you're saying makes sense. I'm always busy rushing everywhere. I have 2jobs everyday and go to gym or play golf on an evening and forget about taking my iron supplement until it's too late, despite this being the optimal time to take it. I often miss taking it but my levels are not too bad-125, so not a real necessity but I donate blood 3x a year and like to make sure my levels are high enough that I'm not refused.

It would be so much simpler to be able to take them together.

Thanks for reply.

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