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Vitamins and minerals how can I get my GP to test as they will want a valid reason

I am thinking of getting tested (Carolyn's advice was to take certain Vitamins etc) what should I be taking as supplements?

At the moment I just take Vitamin D Spray (better you, fantastic way to administer vits!) 300mg Magnesium as I have been told that these go hand in hand together and are the final link...

I also take sage which is the only thing that helps me with hot flushes.

What does everyone else take and why?

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Selenium: 400mcg daily Helps T4 to T3 conversion

Vitamin E 400IUs daily For general health.

Cod Liver Oil

for EPA and DHA 2 teaspoons daily For general health. hair, etc.

B12 (methylcobalamin) 3 x 5000mcg daily For thyroid, other benefits

Vit D3 5000 IU daily. For thyroid, bone health. Check levels.

Not supplements, but help health:

Virgin Coconut oil Speeds up metabolism, etc., use in place of butter

Brewer's yeast B vits (except B12)

Unsulphured blackstrap Has minerals and iron, good stuff.


Carob powder Magnesium, etc.

Pink Himalayan salt Stuffed with minerals.


Just ask where u get the unsulphured blackstrap molasses from,as holland n barret only sell the other molasses.i have read that it is a brilliant health tonic for many conditions.real g stuff.


Had this all beautifully laid out but posting ran it all together (sigh).


I couldn't get my doc to screen for love nor money, so paid for the vit D one privately through the NHS (25poinds) which came back deficient and then they screened for some other bits, but still not all!


After looking into it for some time, my personal thoughts are that if you supplement D3 (and Magnesium as you suggest is a good idea for many as it is common to be low anyway), then supplementing vitamin K2 is a pretty good idea too, as it is well involved in the way calcium is stored and used, and I rather favour the idea that it should go to where it is meant to (ie. bones) and NOT be dumped into arteries! ;-)

Worth a Google?


I take :fish oils for general health ;esp brain and circulation.

500mg Ester-C,2x day;which is a gentle,quickly absorbed form of vit c;for general energy/health,iron absorption etc.

Iron glycinate;easy absorb..(when have period).

One a day Multi-vit;for energy and avoid degiciencies.

Ginkgo biloba;herb for circulation to extremities snd brain.

Synergistic selenium;for help thyroid hormone..

B-50;vit b complex;enrgy stress etc

Co-enzyme Q10 75mg;heart health,avoid palps

vit-d 500iu 2x day(plan to increase as had vit d test; was v low range

Thats about it;my staple supplements!(but do occasionally take some other herb etc)..


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