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Test results. Hypo?

Had blood tests taken a few weeks ago and finally have the paperwork. I'm only including those that did not come back within optimum levels. Blood glucose was not taken due to a lack of blood.

Rheumatoid factor: 17.5 iu/mL ( U 0-10 )

Serum ferritin: 31.4 ug/L ( U 13-150 )

Serum Albumin: 50g/L ( U 35-50 )

Plasma C reactive protein: 8.1 mg/L ( U 0-5 )

Serum vitamin B12: 365 ng/L ( U 180-866 )

Obviously these were done following my thyroid results (included below fyi). Have been told everything is 'normal' and to have the thyroid repeated after 2-3 months, depending on which doctor I listen to.

There were no thyroid anti-bodies done, no FT3 and as far as I can make out, no Folate either.

TSH: 4.9 ( 0.35-4.5 )

FT4: 10.4 ( 11-24 )

One doctor has diagnosed my as suffering from fibromyalgia and am on codiene and paracetamol for pain and help with sleeping. I have an entire list of symptoms which include aches and pains in various areas, such as ribcage, shoulders, neck, lower back, inside of the knee, wrists and ankles, weight gain, thinning hair, tiredness, lack of energy, face pain (like the cheek bones and jaw) and headaches.

Any ideas as to the likely cause? I have my suspicions of course but I'm now playing a waiting game to get further bloods done.

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You are clearly hypothyroid. Your TSH is too high and your T4 is too low. I don't understand why they want to repeat this. Hopefully at your next text you will still show hypothyroid and they will treat you!

As your C reactive protein is a little high and your thyroid results are out of range, ask if you can have thyroid antibodies checked to see if you have hashimoto's. This is important to know because some people find that their thyroid function fluctuates with this condition and it would be good to know that this could happen.

Your ferritin is too low. 70-90 is optimal for often hypothyroid patients. You would probably benefit from taking an iron supplement with vitamin C and B vitamins. Well, that's what I would do anyway. You may also find benefit in taking B12 (methylcobalamin is the best form) as your B12 is below 500.

I'm afraid I can't help with the others.

I hope that helps :)

Carolyn x


Thank Carolyn. I did ask for an antibody test but wasn't given one anyway. *sigh*

The doc never mentioned the c reactive protein at all when I saw her, nor what the significance of it is. Some of the tests with the results above didn't have any other test done in correlation to them so they got marked as 'normal' or borderline. I really don't understand the thinking behind testing blood if you aren't going to cover an area thoroughly.

I don't want to take anything that will affect the next test in case they misread it? Will iron or B12 suppliments have any bearing on the tsh or thyroid test results?


It may do because it can improve how your body uses thyroid hormones. It would probably be best to wait until after your next tests.


This is ridiculous. You are Over the Range of TSH. You really should insist on treatment. You can start working on your Ferritin and B12 with other B vitamins. CRP is an inflammation marker which almost every bad result is due to your hypothyroidism. Can you go to a different GP and ask why with so many poor blood results you can't be treated???? How sick do they want you to become. Ask that question as well. What do they gain by putting you off? It's cruel.


Lol, I don't think they see it that way. They see me as borderline and therefore can wait until the second test....and, lets be honest, any number of tests they choose, until I'm bad enough to treat. To be fair, I do understand the theory behind using a second test. Readings can vary depeding on current health, such as viruses and infections. So in theory, waiting a few months between the first and second tests should allow for any possible discrepancies to be ruled out. It's when they ignore clinical signs (which, apparently I cannot possibly have, therefore anything I do have wrong is unconnected, their words, not mine) or do not treat after a second out of range test that it becomes unacceptable. So I will be patient. For now. I already take paracetamol and codiene (prescribed) every four hours and don't do so well if I forget a dose. I've had to cut down how much I do massively. Less than a month ago I was walking more than 20 miles a week and doing hard physical exercise. Now if I do a few miles walking I'll pay for it the next day. I have to learn to adjust my lifestyle until they decide to treat.....good job I'm a full time carer and not working for an employer!


Okay, you are more reasonable than I am. I read too many of these posts.

I read and have read a lot of articles regarding hypothyroidism and and interesting one said that athletes often become hypothyroid due to their physical aggressiveness. Maybe you fall in that category with all the exercise. Now wouldn't that be funny if your next tests are totally normal. That would be great. You sound just like my daughter who does a pure barre form of training and is a marathon runner. She is on a low dose of Synthroid.


Hahahaa, me physically aggressive. Now that is funny. Didn't feel funny last week when the doctor suggested I do more. Wasn't amused.

It would be typical, especially since I've had no choice but to cut back. Would be intersting to see that result. Sadly I doubt it will since my throat has been sore and uncomfortable for swallowing for quite some time now and seems to be getting gradually worse. *sigh*

Even if this is a temporary thing, virus or exercise related, why hasn't the doctor checked for a virus instead of fobbing me off with yet more pain killers! Either they're just that negligent or they're not telling me something. Either way I'm not impressed.


Now it really sounds as if you are having a thyroid attack. This is not good as you are losing more of your gland. You could try selenium for a short term.


Hmmm, not heard of selenium. I'll have a look at that. Might be good if it stops the discomfort in my neck.

So tired this evening. Slept while the Simpsons was on, lol.


Thyroid meds would probably do a better job. That's why I think it's so reprehensible. But it you insist on being a good sport about it, I'll get in a huff for you! And actually a thyroid storm can be serious. Go back and insist on the test in your nicest possibly demeanor.



You would think, would you not, that having actually bothered to get the FT4 result, that they would pay attention to it. That is below the bottom of the range, and you are inequivocally hypothyroid. Added to that the TSH (for what it's worth) is above range.

Your symptoms would likely go away if you were given the correct dose of thyroid hormone.

Don't accept being fobbed off, your health and your future are what matters. Hypothyroidism is not trivial, it is life-changing, and you should not have to put up with it.

Marie XX


I really do agree Marram, and if it was one of my children I wouldn't put up with it for a second. I'm not a good fighter for myself. But a doctor and a nurse have both already stated that I won't be getting any effects from that result. HAH! If only I could swap my body with them for a day, see how they like it.

Truth is I can't afford to go private (a single parent, full time carer for my son who is now 18, happy birthday!). No one will employ me with my current health, hell, I wouldn't employ me! Yet they will make me wait for this next test no matter what I do.

My experience with this so far is that they are willing to test just because I asked (that's how it started, not because of them, but because I walked in there and requested it) but won't pay attention to the results, which suggestes they are likely to be the kind that does not treat until the TSH goes over 10. It's laughable really, to have ranges at all if they won't do anything about it. It probably means that they will only treat to get you back in the range as well, rather than optimum. *sigh*

I'm too tired to keep fighting all the time, just living day to day is enough right now. It just stresses me out, fighting them and that makes it all worse.

Heloise, thank you for being my huffiness. It's not that I haven't tried the huff, it just didn't make any difference except to make the doctor assume I'm depressed. Even the local pharmacist doesn't understand why they are waiting.

The one doctor who paid attention to it was the one who suggested a retest after two months, so clearly it's common practice here to wait and see. I doubt any amount of raging or insisting on my part will make a scrap of difference to that.


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